Day 28: A Samurai And Ninja Adventure

Today’s lecture ended a bit earlier than usual, yus! Tim, Clark, Peter, Bruce, and I had lunch at a felafel restaurant. I’ve never had this kind of food before but it was really good. Then we headed back to the meeting spot for our field trip where a group of high school students came over to us. We talked with them for a bit, they asked to have pictures with us, then we started goofing around with them pretending to have samurai battles etc.


I realized after lunch I had lost my cardigan some where. I will look around for it tomorrow as I was too far from campus by the time I realized it was missing.

Today we were visiting Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, also known as Kyoto Studio Park or Movie Land. It is a movie set and theme park, set in the Edo period of Japan. It showcases different traditional style buildings, a samurai and ninja show, a haunted house and a ninja fun house.


When we got home Tim made me dinner! She made me curry rice, yumm! Iv been avoiding buying groceries for a few days now so that I don’t waste any food since tomorrow is our last full day in Kyoto, I have been trying to finish up what I have.
Then it was time for one last trip to Avanti mall. Here I picked up two sets of really cute lingerie, and two pairs of shoes. In my defense I only spent roughly $40 in total, and one of my pairs of shoes completely fell apart on our field trip yesterday… so Madison don’t you dare comment on my shoe collection/obsession.

Back at my apartment I started work on packing up my room, sadly tomorrow is our last day of lectures and Saturday we will be venturing to Tokyo. I washed all my laundry and sorted through stuff to throw out. In between, I face-timed people back home and worked on my secret project for tomorrow. I have no idea how I am supposed to pack up my entire room in one day…Plus we have to have one last party!


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