Monthly Archives: April 2014

A New Adventure Begins


In just 24 day I will venture slightly more East than I ever dared before. I will be traveling to Toronto for 9 days to visit one of my very best friends, Bobby, we will check out some iconic Toronto landmarks, tour some potential schools, and in general party it up!

There is very little prep work that needs to be done for this trip compared to last years adventures, no currency to convert, no travel visa to apply for, no hotels to reserve. I will be bunking with Bobby at his apartment and my flights have been booked, albeit with two different air lines. I purchased the first ticket through Air Canada with air miles but I did not have enough for the return flight, so I booked with West Jet because lets be honest if you had to pay for a flight it would be with any one but Air Canada.

We do plan to purchase a ‘Toronto City Pass’. It is $60, and covers your admission to the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, the Toronto Zoo, and The Toronto Science Center. It’s a $45 savings on admissions alone and includes discounts to other services at each attraction. I’m starting to think 9 days will not be long enough.

The fun wont begin for a few more weeks but get ready for more adventures!