Day 27: Another Adventure In Kyoto

Some interesting things happened in lecture today, one of the students made a rude comment (unintentionally?) towards the professor, I’ve taken classes with this prof before and he can be rather sensitive and take things personally, our prof freaked out on this kid a bit. It was so awkward I wanted to crawl out of the room, and the tension was super thick afterwards..

Back on Monday the Japanese student I had met asked to have lunch with me, so here is the big day! I was really excited to be having lunch with this guy, we had a really good time even with our language barriers. I do hope I can meet with him again before I leave, if not he will be in Winnipeg for 4 months in September, Yay!

After lunch we went to Kinkaku-ji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. The site of Kinkakuji was originally a villa, it was purchased by the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu and later transformed into the Kinkakuji complex.


Today was an incredibly hot day, it was so hot and humid that when I got to this beautiful scene I didn’t even want to take photos…but eventually I did because I kinda thought you guys back home would be mad if I didn’t.
While waiting for the class to regroup at our meeting spot I bought a bowl of shaved ice, these kinds of things as well as ice cream stands  are very popular in any tourist location.


I got the lemon flavored one, it was unbelievably refreshing and tasty!

Next instead of taking the bus we walked to the next location, Ryoan-ji, Temple of the Peaceful Dragon. It is known for its dry rock garden, the site of the temple was an estate of the Fujiwara family in the 11th century.

After getting my admission ticket I stopped off at the washroom, on the way back I found an interesting scene. One of my classmates was kneeling down, and two people were fanning her, she looked really ill and then my prof showed up and handed her two bottles of water. Then the first responder kicked in, though the people there already had it under control I didn’t actually do much. Eventually some one working there allowed us to take her to an air conditioned area, I don’t think they wanted me to stay there with her so once I was content with her condition I checked out the dry rock gardens that this site is known for.


I didn’t care much for this rock garden, it was…uninspiring. I think it just wasn’t for me, some of my friends really enjoyed it. When I finished checking it out I went back to check on the girl who had heat sickness. She looked like she was doing a lot better and she wanted to tour the gardens despite what we recommended. I wasn’t interested in viewing the garden again so my prof escorted her through the garden, I waited by the souvenir shops  so that I could take her home when she was finished.
At Kyoto station we picked up 551 Horai pork buns, they are sooo good, I will definitely miss these when I get home.

When I finally got home I showered, had dinner, and started working on my blogs and the secret project for tomorrow…
Right before bed I face-timed with some one special back home and it made me really happy, I was so excited to talk to them that I stayed up far too late. I don’t know why I hadn’t done this, like, four weeks ago…


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