Day 29: Our Last Day Of School

Today was our last day of class. Instead of lecture we had to make a short presentation on the topic/thesis for our final papers.
At lunch I went searching for my lost sweater and I found it right where I had forgotten it!


At lunch I met up with my Japanese friend one last time before we left Kyoto, it was nice to see him again.

Then I went home to get ready for the farewell party, I wore my new frilly blue dress and it was super cute! This is also where I presented the super secret project, with help from Natasha I presented a slideshow of some of the best moments on the trip, of course with music to set the tone. I wasn’t sure if any one would appreciate this montage but it went over really well and many people thanked me for it afterwards. Ill see if I can upload it here for those of you who want to watch it but be warned it is about 16 mins long.

After the farewell party every one wanted to go out for karaoke one last time. I wanted to change first so Tim and I went back to the apartments quickly and would meet up with the group afterwards. The thing was we had never been to this location before so we ended up getting lost even though it was right beside Doshisha campus. While looking for it we came across a small temple that was all lit up with lanterns, it was so pretty.


We eventually found them and stayed for about an hour. We left early as we wanted to reserve our seats for the train to Tokyo the next day and we desperately needed to pack.

In the lobby of the apartments we found a tiny bat!

I got a lot packed but I also left a bit to do in the morning because it was time to have one last party in my room! I opened up the bottle of plum wine I had bought last weekend and so did Charles, we got started on the bottles while we waited for the others to join us. We had a really good time, I finished my bottle by my self and the last beer from my fridge, we stayed up until 4am and played a few drinking games.


I felt it was a great way to bring things to a close. I am terribly sad however that the program is now officially over. I am so grateful to have had this experience, to have made the friendships I did and to be able to look back on this as one of the best things I have ever done.
As much as I know that I can keep in touch with most of the people that made this experience awesome, I also know that we will never be in the same circumstances, live all in the same building, have the same schedules and responsibilities. For this I try to focus on the memory of the wonderful time I had and look forward now to the next exciting chapter.


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