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A New Month A New Class

As I promised last week I went to Bobbi’s dance performance on Saturday, Till We Have Faces. After the show we brought a pizza back to my place and hung out, a great way to celebrate the end of exams! I ended up going to Bobbi’s show again on Sunday because I enjoyed it that much! I love watching my friend move, it was beautiful. That day I also got my weekly chores done, there is so much work to do around here for one person, especially an injured person…


The studio even had a resident cat! He was so friendly and soft, reminded me of my Cedric.

Monday we had our first day of Fashion Makeup, there was so much information to take in and we were assigned a ton of reading that night for homework : ( Tuesday we got to start applying makeup, starting with proper foundation and concealer, contouring, blush and some basic eye shadow styles.

On the way to class one day I noticed that the park I walk through which normally is teaming with pigeons andsquirrels  was a ghost town, there were no critters to be seen, I thought it quite odd. Until I saw this guy sitting perched in the tree…


A pretty hawk! That certainly explained the lack of critters lol. Right by the exit of the park I spotted another unfamiliar sight…

A raccoon! In the middle of the day! This week has been getting sunnier and warmer each day, this is my path home every day, just stunning! 

Friday things got more interesting, after class I had to go get my stitches removed, the clinic the school recommended closes 30 mins before we get let out of class so I had to find a different clinic. Thankfully the grocery store near my work actually has a walk in clinic inside of it, who would have thought…I didn’t wait too long, there was only 2 other people ahead of me. The stitches hurt coming out, thankfully my best friend Bobbi was there to be my emotional support! After, we treated ourselves to frappicinos and headed back to the apartment where we binged on pizza and chips!

On Saturday we decided to visit High Park to see the cherry blossom trees. We had to take the subway since its quite far, there were tons of people with the same idea as us and the park was packed.


If you aren’t interested in cherry blossom trees, there were other things to do at the park…

Like feeding swans, Canadian geese, and other ducks.

A giant castle shaped play structure for the kids, and there was even a free zoo (it was rather small but still neat to see. They even had a baby reindeer that was just born and was trying to stand for the first time!). All the sun yesterday was not our friend and we got a little burnt : (

After the park a friend from class and I went to the movies and saw Age of Adeline, it was really good, so far this weekend has been great! Today I’m getting my chores done, which is harder than usual with a shared laundry room. I swear my landlords are always doing laundry making it hard to find time for me to do mine. House work is made difficult by my injury, now that the stitches are out and its mostly healed its getting better but it does take twice as long to do every thing. Even school work is difficult with out the index finger on my dominant hand, I am only now being able to write with it, it makes all school assignments take twice as long as well. I must work on an assignment thats due tomorrow so thats all for now.

Until next time,