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All About Film & Television

The purpose of our film class is to cover techniques for HD camera makeups and to go over out of kit effects, when you need a quick scrape, cut or bruise, or when there is a limited budget for prosthetics. Let me take you on a tour of my last few weeks!

First we covered some basics;  bruises, cuts, and scratches. Here is some of my first attempts..

Next we worked with burns!

That weekend I worked almost every waking hour…seriously. Making mad cash yo.
On Monday we drafted tattoo designs and applied them, the fun thing about this was that I can actually see my self getting this tattoo…but you know, by a professional haha.

I tried to make the second image look like a fresh tattoo with skin irritation and the shine that fresh tattoos tend to have. The third one is supposed to look like a tattoo that has healed already.

Afterwards it got chilly in class, and we all got serious frostbite.

Then things got a little…hairy…

I just want to remind viewers the above picture is of a female model…who does not normally have facial hair : P

The very next morning this giant bug almost gave me a heart attack when I walked into my bathroom to find this guy waiting for me…uninvited. It has been ranked second on my “Most terrifying experiences in Toronto” list. That day in class we applied glatzan baldcaps.

Friday rolled around and we had zombie day! Mine needs a little work before I get hired onto The Walking Dead, but dont worry I’ll get it down.

After class my friend and I went to Greek town and did a Paint Night. Basically you go, they give you a canvas, paint, paintbrushes, and an apron. You order drinks and have a good time with your friends while the instructor leads you step by step to a complete painting! I highly recommend this to any level of painter, you have a great time with friends, your guaranteed a finished painting, and you get to take it home! I suggest looking for groupons or other discounts because full price is a little expensive – and don’t wear clothing you care about getting dirty because the paint probably wont wash out of your clothes.

The fun sorta ended when I had to work the rest of the weekend…uhg adult responsibilities…why?

Remember last time I told you about a fun project? For class we had to design and present the progression of a made up disease! A lot of people did insect bites etc, I created a parasite that lives in raw fish, once infected the host slowly starts turning into a half fish half human creature…nothing like a mermaid, I swear lol.

The next couple of days were pretty uneventful, we had one day of presenting projects, then a couple days practicing and preparing for our trade exam. The trade exam is basically all of our previous practical exams mashed into one intense day of testing. Our poor models had to undergo 6 different makeups in one day, ouch!

So friday rolled around again and it was trade exam day, for the most part it went well, I stayed within my time limits etc, except for the theatre portion I feel I could have been a little more prepared.

Over the weekend I studied for our written exam, and worked on my face charts for the photo shoot. I also found some fun Halloween decorations (buy one get one free) at Michael’s.

Monday we had all day to practice our photo shoot looks, I am really liking the progress I have made making injuries.

Tuesday we had the longest written exam I’ve had at CMU….then more practice for the photo shoot. Wednesday was more of the same thing, practice, practice, practice.

Bringing us to today, the photo shoot. Wow, what an intense day of make up. I was a bit nervous because I wanted every thing to look great, I think every thing turned out well so I guess I had nothing to worry about!  

After all that I am exhausted, I’ve had three coffees in 5 hours and I could still fall asleep at a moments notice lol. Tomorrow is the last day of film class, I’m going to miss all the fun but our next class, Prosthetics should be spectacular and I can’t wait to start!

Our instructor for film and prosthetics is none other than Ian Morse, he has worked with Steven Spielberg 4 times and worked on some of my favorite movies including (my all time fav) 28 Days Later AND 28 Weeks Later, Fury, and War Horse. I am so star struck! Here is a little some thing he has been working on for an upcoming trade show. Shhh don’t tell them it was me >.>