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An Adventure to the Hospital

For the remainder of last week we continued learning new hair styling techniques along with popular hairstyles through the decades. We started working on each other instead of the mannequin heads.   

 I was paired with a girl who’s natural hair is actually really short but has fusion extensions, I was tasked with giving her a bridal style. She was very concerned about using heat on her extensions and I couldn’t use tension to do an updo because you would be able to see where they attached so it was a tricky task, but I think it turned out ok.

Saturday I had my first shift at my new job, it went really well, but it was a long day. After work I did my grocery shopping at a store near my work. When I got home I started making my self dinner, and thats when IT happened. my hand slipped and I sliced off the tip of my right hand index finger. I wont go into much detail for the squeamish readers BUT I ended up going to St. Michael’s emergency room, got 8 stitches and a tetanus shot. The doctor doesn’t have high hopes for the tip reattaching but I remain hopeful and positive.

I spent Sunday in bed with pain killers and ice for my finger, I was in a lot of pain every time I moved and the pain killers made me sleepy so I really didn’t do much. I was scheduled to work both Sunday and Monday but my new boss is super understanding and has given me the next two weeks off (even though I only have a doctor’s note for 2 days).

Monday and Tuesday were difficult days in class, we basically reviewed every thing for the exams at then end of the week. I had to relearn how to hold all my tools, my timing was awful, and nothing I did looked finished or good, I realize I have a handicap and its going to take time to heal. Every day the swelling and pain lesson, so thats good, but I have been rather clumsy and one time I hit it against some thing and it started bleeding…

Wednesday we had to present our face shape assignments. This one wasn’t mine but I thought it was a really good visual aid that no one else thought to do.

Thursday we had our written and practical exams, each one got more and more difficult in skill level and the amount it bothered my finger. I think I did well enough but I wasn’t 100% happy with my final piece; the up-do.

The weather has been getting better and better, and the vegetation is starting to grow, everything is beautiful.

 Friday we had our final hair project; Fantasy Hair. I did a roman/greek inspired look. It took me 5 hours, which Im sure could have been less if I didn’t have the finger issue. I was stressed the entire time…Im mostly happy with how it turned out, and really glad its over, haha.

     For the weekend I am just going to relax, I will also be attending Bobbi’s dance performance Saturday evening, yay!

Next week we start a new course with a new instructor, it will be with makeup (finally!) and eventually I have to get my stitches removed…

Until next time, and I will try not to detach any more pieces of my body…