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Home And Back Again

I guess it’s been a crazy two weeks, let me take you back to the week of May 11…

For the first time since I had my accident I was back at work with training shifts. My boss is really understanding and only gives me two shifts a week, any more than that and I’d loose my mind trying to keep up with school. The perks are good though, a discount on all food/drinks/products and a weekly mark-out which is essentially free coffee!

This week we started working with our airbrush! It’s a lot of fun but a lot of work to clean…  

Thursday I woke up with a cold but nothing was going to stop me because for the long weekend I was flying home! For the last two weeks I had been counting down the days, Im surprised I even slept Thursday night what with the excitement and the cold…

I had permission to leave class early for my flight, I tried so hard to not look at the clock every 5 minutes and then before I knew it I was off to the airport. My friends picked me up and took me to the Olive Garden where my family had a table waiting for us. I should have been tired but it felt so great to be home! After dinner I cuddled my fur-ball animals until they no longer wanted my attention, and then I cuddled them more hahaha.

Saturday was a harder day, we drove out to Breton Lake where there was a memorial service for my step-mother. It was not the family reunion any of us wanted but I was happy to be there to support my father. It was a beautiful day, most of us even got sunburnt. 


That night I took some medicine for my cold, little did I know it was making me drowsy and I went to bed super early, I was pretty much asleep before I was even in my bed…

When I awoke…there was snow every where!   

I honestly don’t know why we live here…snow? in May?

I was content to hang out at home with my friends, away from the snow, we watched movies, played cards, there was even a big home cooked meal, which I desperately needed. All was good except for the shadow looming over every moment, my flight back to Toronto was quickly approaching and I was not ready to go.

I enjoyed every minute as much as I could and we even took my dad out to lunch before my flight. We went to the restaurant I used to work at so I got to see some of the great people I worked with…and some not great ones as well…The flight back to Toronto was smooth, as we came down for landing the flight attendant pointed out that there were fireworks going off all around the city that could be seen out our windows. What an interesting way to be welcomed back to the city! By the time I got home from the airport it was time for bed, the moment I walked in the door of my apartment I was homesick, as much as I enjoyed my trip home I knew it was going to make this next week difficult.   


In class on Tuesday we had a mature woman visit and be our model so we learnt a few different ways to apply makeup to an older crowd of people as well. Immediatley after school I was needed for Bobbi’s fundraiser. He created his own theatre company and is raising money to take his show to 3 east coast fringe festivals this summer. If your interested in donating this is his fundraising page, check it out if you have time! It was a 1920’s themed swing dance with a live band and a dance lesson if you’re swing dancing was a bit rusty, plus a sneak peak at his upcoming show!



It was another late night after the fundraiser but it was nice to be involved. The next day as fate would have it we learnt 1920’s style makeup lol, after class I had work, thankfully I was only on until 9:30 because I was in despereate need of groceries. Bobbi walked me and my groceries home that night, isnt he sweet?

Thursday in class we learnt 1930’s makeup and again after class I worked, luckily it was online training so basically I watch training videos all night. I had never been so thankful for Friday when it finally rolled around. The week was a whirlwind of activities and I really needed a break. In class we learned 1940’s and 1950’s make up, I think I had three makeup applications on my face that day…my skin really needed a break. After class I was able to relax a little and catch up on my assignements. 

Saturday I got alot of my house stuff done, I also went to the bank and had a little imprompto shopping, don’t worry I only bought one thing. It was a nice day so we meandered through the village before returning home. Now that I had less distractions I was feeling homesick again… I want to be here for classes but I really miss my family (choosen and biological). And that brings us to Sunday, Im done all my work so today I can do what ever it is I want…which might end up being some computer games and movies, what ever it takes to reset for next week which will hopfully be alot less busy than last week hahaha, seriosuly its nice to have down time.

Tips for Living With 6 People and 1 Water Heater!

1. Know everyone’s schedule. If you can shower before the others get up (which living in a basement apartment…you know when they are up) you get first dibs on the hot water.

2. Know your nearest exit. When the water suddenly changes from warm and relaxing to ice cold daggers of doom you need to know whcih corner of your tiny stall shower is safe from the flow of water.

3. Fight for what you want. Sometimes I find my self in a battle for the hot water, it seems that when there are multiple faucets going the last one to turn on gets the hot water….so if you keep turning your water hotter and hotter you get the hot water…just make sure #2 has been identified because when the other person gives up, you get all the hot water….

4. Lastly be adaptable, maybe today you wont get that steamy hot shower you want and thats ok!

Until next time,