Week One of Many

Here is the contents of my hair kit. In case your wondering, yes, I did name her, Judy.

One week of school down, 31 left. Now that we are in the swing of things I have an idea of my daily schedule, I get up every day at 7am, I shower, make breakfast, make lunch, do hair, makeup, & wardrobe etc. It’s a 30 min walk to the school, on which I am asked at least once for money (If I had any at all I wouldn’t be walking to class!). I arrive at school 30 min before class starts so that I can set up my station, ask the instructor for individual attention, practice etc. We are in class from 9:30 – 4:30 with an hour for lunch and two 15 min breaks. After class it’s the same walk back, where I am asked for money yet again, once I’m home it’s a bit more random. Some days I crash as soon as I step inside, resting until I have enough energy to make dinner, after dinner I plot hour long intervals for theory, practice, rewriting my notes, and working on projects (if there are any). I try to be in bed by 11:30pm, then its rinse and repeat!



Here are some samples of what I have created so far.

I start work on Saturday & Sunday, I’ve been thinking it might be best to stick to only those days, that way I wont have to drag myself to work after class, lol. We will see what happens though.

Due at the beginning of next week we have an assignment about the different types of face shapes and how to ‘correct’ them with different hair styles. It doesn’t seem overly difficult, just time consuming.

At the end of next we will also have a fantasy hair project where we will have the entire day to create our very own masterpieces in hair. I have a one on one with the instructor tomorrow to discuss my project, at the moment I am thinking of some thing roman inspired.

Besides school not too much happened this week, Thursday I had my third leather working class, we finished our belts and began our last projects but that is all I will say, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. That day was challenging though, I only had half an hour at home before I had to catch the subway train, and once I returned it was almost bedtime, how time flys!

On Saturday Bobbi and I went to Queen st. W to find fabric for the costume I am creating for his theatre production, there are many shops and vendors in this area so we also looked at some inexpensive items for my fantasy hair project.

We spent the evening watching Netflix and ordered a pizza, I really didn’t have any food in the house so it was a good thing we split it. Sunday I did the tiniest amount of house work, then went grocery shopping. This time I took the make up bag on wheels, it definitely made my trip easier! I spent the rest of the day practicing different hair styling techniques and hair styles. 

Monday our instructor decided we were going to make a hairstyle from each decade starting in the 20’s working our way to the 2000’s. The last two days have been non-stop trying to get through all the looks and even after the second day we only just made it to the 60’s….



We also had a guest speaker today! The makeup department head and her 1st assistant (who is a graduate of CMU) from the TV show Reign, they had alot of information and advice for us, I really enjoyed their presentation.

Until next time,


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