Two Weeks In Toronto

I decided to lump two weeks of blog updates together since I really don’t have that much going on, mostly I haven been spending a lot of time with friends.

On Tuesday night we visited an Irish pub.


On Groupon I found a introductory leather working class, I have always been interested in learning. In our first class we made passport holders.

On Friday, Bobbi brought breakfast over! In the afternoon Terry and I went to a restaurant up the street, Rashnaa, we had the lunch special for $4.95, it was yummie and well priced. 

Later in the evening we celebrated the Easter weekend with a group dinner…my first one away from home. The we made cookies!!!


Sunday was a gloomy day, there was a loss in the family so I was pretty emotional and sort of went about in a weird state while trying my best to be there for my family as much as  I could. That night a raccoon visited, he left quite the mess too.


The next day Bobbi and I took a walk to the West side of the city and checked out “China Town” their were lots of little shops and markets. We happened to be walking past a temporary Game of Thrones store where we got to sit in a replica of the Iron Throne!!

The only interesting thing that happened on Tuesday was receiving a call from my new boss, thats right, I got the job!!

Wednesday I did a bit of grocery shopping and Thursday I had my second leather working class. We started making our very own belts, I’m very excited to see the finished product, so far I am really enjoying this craft.

Friday was quite the day. First I had my hair coloured and cut, I had to get the style fixed because the last person who touched my hair with scissors ruined my look and now I just want my long hair back…Afterwards Bobbi, Terry and I went to Sin & Redemption to taste “cherry beer” it is really sweet and the only beer I have ever been able to enjoy. We followed up with coffee and doughnuts from Krispy Kream…I am glad this store is far away from my apartment otherwise I think I would be gaining some weight haha.  


I honestly can’t even remember Saturday happening (no mother it wasn’t because I was drinking). On Sunday I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom in preparation for classes and I made a butter chicken dish that usually is my favourite but I made it wrong, it was actually a disaster.

Then IT happened, my first day of class, there was a lot of orientation to get through but it was awesome! My first class is Photographic & Studio Hairstyling, I have never been good with hair so I’m really looking forward learning proper techniques.

We received our entire student kit and some how I managed to bring it home, just to give you an idea the duffle bag weighed 30 lbs, and that wasn’t the only thing I had to bring home….on my 30 minute walk….Needless to say I was drained when I got home. There was so much to do and practice, not to mention prep for the next day, some times I don’t think I know what I am getting into, but I am enjoying it I just need to get a bit more organized.

So it turns out I will be returning home for 3 days during May to attend a funeral service, I spoke with the president of the school and he assured me I won’t be penalized for my absence, which will just make every thing less stressful.

 Lastly, today, I managed to get lost walking to school, yay me. Thankfully I had planned to be there 30 minutes early so I didn’t end up being late. Im realizing I am going to need a lot more coffee through out the day to keep me focused, on the plus side there is a Tim Hortons 4 minutes away from the school. Im starting to make connections with the people in my class and other faculty and students, I think this is going to be an amazing 8 months.

With that I need to get ready for tomorrow, until next time.


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