A Week’s Worth

In the last week a lot has happened. First I had to sort and pack up all my belonging that would be accompanying me, I some what haphazardly sorted the most important things into boxes, plastic bins and duffle bags. I’m pretty sure I unpacked and repacked each box at least three times in order to maximize space.

Despite my incredibly organized nature, for this trip I took a back seat for making the travel arrangements. I think I was in denial about leaving for the longest time and thats why I had been so disorganized. When I realized we had still not booked any hotels 2 days before our departure I began to freak out…It took several hours and 2 people searching for vacancies but it happened. The hard part was finding a hotel for downtown Toronto, that had parking available…for less than my first born child…

The night before we departed was supposed to be a test pack to ensure every thing could fit in the van but people showed up late and with more bag and boxes than we had agreed upon so the test pack never happened and I had to leave a bunch of stuff behind. Most of it wont be missed, for the exception of my cat, Cedric. He is the centre of my universe and was my main support for leaving home but there was simply not enough room and I know he would have been uncomfortable so I felt it was best for his health to stay. I am devastated by it to say the least. I didn’t sleep very much that night, I usually don’t before travel, but that night was filled with doubt and second guessing my decisions. I had convinced my self that I was insane for choosing to leave my home, family, and friends, the only thing that was keeping me going was that I knew I had gone to far to turn back now.

Departure day. 

As fate would have it there was a mini blizzard of sorts which made leaving the city extremely difficult and dangerous. The highway to get to the boarder ended up being closed but we managed to find away around the barricade (smart right?). We drove incredibly slow and because it had been closed there were no other vehicles on the road. At the boarder we were pulled over and escorted inside, we waited an hour to be processed and released. While there the power went out 5 times and an alarm kept going off, it was an interesting experience. After the boarder it seemed to be smooth sailing, the weather cleared up and the roads were dry, I believe we did 11 hours of driving between three drivers. We stopped in Madison, Wisconsin for the night at the Howard Johnson hotel, for the price this was a nice hotel, the room included a mini fridge and a breakfast buffet.

Day two. After our continental breakfast we set out for another 10 hours of driving, the traffic picked up as we neared Chicago and we had to pay nearly $11 in toll roads. We thought it was going to be an uneventful journey for the remainder of the day but an hour from the Canadian boarder, almost on cue, the van started having issues with the brakes gripping the front tire…when we were not braking. We pulled over and could smell burning rubber but there was no other signs of the problem so we slowly made our way to the nearest town where we luckily found a garage with a mechanic on shift. They stopped what they were doing and immediatley saw us, I was so worried that they would tell us we would have to stay the night and wait until morning lol. The mechanic inspected the vehicle and in his opinion told us it was safe to drive and that it was the brand new calliper that had to be worn in (or some thing).

So we got back on the road and it only started doing it again while I was driving (lucky me). By 10pm we made it to our new apartment and were given the keys, we quickly unpacked the van and then headed for our hotel.

The next morning we promptly headed to IKEA for basic furniture (a bed and table) then to Walmart to stock the shelves! It was a long day of shopping. Afterwards we had dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant, Salad King, dessert at a frozen yogurt shop, Menchies, and then back to the hotel with a few cans from the LC where we chatted the night away.


By this point we hadn’t really set any thing up, we had just been shoving things into the apartment and leaving so on Saturday we took the morning to set up a little but then it was time for sight seeing as my friends that had driven me to Toronto only had two days left before heading back. 


We ended up touring the Brewery District and the St. Lawrence Market. We saved the best for last, for dinner we went to Medieval Times were you are served a meal that must be eaten with your hands while you are entertained with a live tournament of knights and horses! It was a little bit expensive ($60/person I think) but worth going to, we had a blast!


On Sunday we got the apartment a bit more organized.


Then we went to the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, fantastic as always but again a bit expensive ($30/person).

I was going to take the group to the CN Tower but it is expensive (roughly $30/person) just to ride an elevator…so we took pictures in front of it for free and carried on to what I can only describe as my favourite meal of the week.

Scaddabush. We had so much food and some how we managed to eat it all too! We recovered from our food-coma’s at the hotel while we watched the season finale of The Walking Dead, not only was it awesome that I got to see the episode (because I don’t have cable) but it felt like I was at home since that is sort of a household tradition.

Monday, the day of dread. My two closest friends were heading back to Winnipeg and reality was sinking in, it was no longer a vacation in Toronto. I was now officially moved out, on my own, in my very first apartment. Surprisingly  though I managed to keep my emotions at normal levels and continue on with the day (which really goes to show how mature I have become…I think, maybe I’m still delusional lol). Later in the day I had an interview, I hate interviews, and I don’t think I did well… Afterwards we found a dollar store and picked up some things for the apartment and organized a bit more. I made dinner for my self, which turned out…edible but I sense cooking is going to be different now that I am not making for 4+ people.

After dinner the land lord came to talk to use about the garbage system here, which is alot more complex than in Winnipeg. There are three bins; blue, green, and grey. Blue is for recyclables and there is no limit or charge for how much you put in but is only collected once every 2 weeks. Green is for any organic materials and will be turned into composte and is collected every week (apparently residents can then use this for their gardens if they wish). Lastly, grey is for every thing else and is considered garbage, this is collected once every two weeks and you are billed on how much you use. The idea is to make a more sustainable system and reduce how much gets put in landfills, in my opinion I think this should be implemented every where, though it will take some getting used to what goes in each bin. Later in the evening my best friend came over and once again we chatted into the late hours of the night.

My new bed is going to take some time to get used to, and the people above us get up really early….but this morning we got the internet hooked up Yay! Im not entirely sure what to do with my self now but I think I will do some house cleaning today, it seems every thing needs a good scrub down, that should keep me busy for a while. That folks is one week’s worth.

Until next time.


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