The End Of The Road Adventure

Today we are up bright and early because house keeping came knocking at 8:15am, they had not been informed that any one had booked our room…so we headed for the continental breakfast our hotel offers. I had a feeling our small town hotel would not compare to our big city breakfast, and boy was I right, we had a vast selection of white bread, Cheerios, and those tiny white powdered doughnuts…at least it was free?

After breakfast, if you could call it that, we packed up the car, checked out, and headed towards Albertville; the city of outlet stores. Only the exit for Albertville was marked differently than the others and we completely missed it, by the time we found a place to turn around we decided we had had enough adventure what with the zombies and police officers that we didn’t feel the need to go shopping. Plus this would mean we could get home sooner. We found a gas station, filled up on inexpensive gasoline and headed North.

I had also planned a few stops at some other giant animal statues along the route home, a giant pelican and otter, though with the idea of getting home early we decided to skip these as well. Our weekend had just been packed full down to the minute with activities and what not that all we needed was our beds.

At Fargo we stopped for gas and coffee, a little while later we stopped in Grand Forks and hit up the Walmart again to pick up some things we didn’t have in Canada, mostly weird flavors of junk food.

At the boarder we picked up some duty free items and sat in line for 45 mins to cross the boarder back into Canada. I guess I learned my lesson: don’t cross the boarder on a Sunday night around dinner time. From there it was smooth sailing and by 7:30pm we were finally home.

I have to apologize for the lack of photos for this blog, I was too intent on getting home.

Our time line for the day:
8:30 Breakfast
9:20 Checkout
10:50 Pass by Albertville
11:00 Gas stop, 20mins
2:05 Fargo, stop for gas 10mins
3:20 Grand Forks, Walmart shopping and gas stop, 40mins
4:55 Duty free at Pembina
5:26 Arrive at Boarder, 45min wait
7:00 Arrive in Winnipeg
7:35 Arrive home


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