Toronto Day 9: The End Of A Big City Adventure



Today was a lazy kind of day, we slept in, took our time getting ready, I even spent some time writing the Niagara post. We only had one major thing on the Agenda today and that was the Royal Ontario Museum that had previously evaded us. It was our last day in Toronto so we had to see it today.


After a leisurely lunch we walked over to the museum. Admission was included with our Toronto City Pass but we paid an additional charge to see the special exhibit; China, The Forbidden City. Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos so I have nothing to show. I will say that it was a pretty neat exhibit, though for $11 I was expecting to see a Terracotta Warrior.


My advice to those of you who wish to visit this museum, give yourself an entire day to explore. We thought 3 hours would surely be enough time but it wasn’t. We were not able to take our time in each section of the museum and half way through we realized we had to prioritize the exhibits we wanted to see most. In the end we had skipped the majority of the second floor and one exhibit on two other floors. I was a big fan of the Egypt exhibit and learned a few things about their burial rituals.


After a mandatory visit to the gift store we headed across the street for much needed coffee. Once we returned to the apartment Bobby went out to do laundry while I worked diligently on the blog post. It was about 8pm when we headed out for our last dinner in Toronto, my mother was very generous and offered to pay for us to return to Scaddabush (Love you!) and so we did!


The food was just as perfect as the first time, we enjoyed our last evening in the big city and chatted the night away. Then we realized we hadn’t packed yet and our flights were first thing in the morning so we headed back home and gathered our things.

The next morning we got up at 6am (again I didn’t sleep much), it took a street car, one subway transfer, and an express bus to get to the airport. 2.5 hours later we were back in Winnipeg!! Thus concluding my adventure in the big city, I have a feeling I will be back in the near future though ; )

I hope that these accounts of my adventures have been either entertaining, informative, or at the least enjoyable. My goal has been to motivate people to get out and explore the world around them, far too often we spend all our time in one corner of the world, be free my pretties, take a chance, get lost, have an adventure!

Until the next time!


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