Day 6: Fun With Science


Today we woke up early to try and visit two locations; The Ontario Science Center and the Royal Ontario Museum. Due to its location we took the transit system. The center has several hundred interactive and passive exhibits throughout the buildings, and an IMAX theater. They feature geology, the science of nature, astronomy, how to play music, human anatomy and communication, as well as miscellaneous artifacts of science.


General admission is $22.00, a movie at the IMAX theater is an additional $13.00. Of the 5 attractions included in the City Pass, this was my least favorite, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my favorite. I feel this is a great attraction for families who enjoy interacting with their children while participating with the exhibits. Most of the exhibits are still interesting for adults but definitely geared towards children. If I was below the age of 18 I would most likely love this place, and it would be a good place to have a good time with your children, unless your the type of parent who wants to just let your kids run wild …then this is not the place for you.


My favorite part of the Science Center was their “Tree Lane” exhibit, there was some really interesting information about trees. Maybe my interest in this area came from going out to the lake most weekends of my childhood.


We got a little over involved with one of the exhibits and ran out of time to go to the Royal Ontario Museum, instead we headed home for lunch and made preparations for our two day trip which commences tomorrow!|

To occupy our time for the remainder of the evening we went to the movie theater, since the movie we wanted to see was only in the VIP theater we watched it from the comfort of couches and had private waitstaff serve food and drinks! If you are a Scene member you can purchase these seats for the same amount of points as a regular movie so it was well worth it.


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