Day 5: Off To See The Animals!


After quickly meeting with some one to drop off a package at the heart of downtown Toronto, we stopped at a Starbucks for a quick breakfast, and from there we headed off to start our activities. The Toronto Zoo!


The Toronto Zoo has over 5,000 animals representing over 500 species, there are over 10 km of walking trails in which I’m sure we covered almost all of them as we didn’t skip any thing (took us almost 5 hours), across 287 hectares (710 acres) and seven geographical regions. Making it the third largest zoo in the world and the largest in Canada. General admission is $28.00…I’m sorry I keep saying this but the City Pass saves you so much money…


While we were there we saw lions, and tigers, and bears…oh my. We also saw giraffes, rhinoceroses, penguins, and many many more animals. Food was a bit expensive, like any other tourist attraction, lots of gift shops with overpriced items…and unfortunately lots of children. We had a good time though, got a little too much sun, and a good work out. The zoo also has an interactive center for kids, a small water park, camel rides, and ‘zoomobile’ that makes getting from one zone to the next faster. You can expect any thing here to cost at least $8, the zoomobile, a popsicle, a soft drink, food…all $8 each. We brought snacks with us, and if we had thought ahead we could have packed a lunch as they have several picnic areas available.

It also costs $10 to park at the zoo, we took the bus, the only down side was that due to regular maintenance being performed on the subway line we had to take a shuttle bus for a large portion of the trip making our travel time slightly over an hour… Once we got home we lathered on the aloe vera lotion for our burns, remember boys and girls always wear sun screen! After regaining some energy with iced coffee Bobby recommended dinner at Scaddabush.


Scaddabush offers traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist. They hand make all of their pasta and mozzarella cheese in house. If you already like this restaurant you can skip this…This is the best food I have ever consumed! I loved every morsel of food we had. We started with their “Naked” mozzarella which is served with focaccia crostini, San Marzano tomato jam and sea salt, as well as the “Charity Bread” more focaccia bread, rosemary, and garlic butter served freshly baked. The name was coined as the net proceeds of the charity bread go to a local charity. For drinks I sipped an iced cappuccino, Bobby had a blueberry cosmopolitan. First to arrive were the drinks, I was impressed, both drinks were very delicious, next the appetizers arrived and it didnt matter what else happened, I was in love with this restaurant.



For entrees we shared an order of Pesto Pollo; fettuccine, sauteed chicken, baby spinach, semi sun dried tomatoes all in a basil pesto cream sauce, with an order of Zucca; butternut squash ravioli, hazelnut butter cream sauce and roasted squash. I don’t even have the vocabulary necessary to explain how much I enjoyed these dishes. They are now my all time favorite, the best part was we still had dessert to order!


It was the perfect way to top off a wonderful day, and if my wallet will allow I will most likely eat here again before I return home.


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