Toronto Day 3


Today’s adventure began with a visit to the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada! It is one of the newest attraction in the heart of downtown and is Canada’s largest indoor aquarium.


Admission was a bit expensive for this budget traveler at $33.90 a person but it was a good time. They featured many species that live in the great lakes and then some more interesting species including many sharks, jellyfish and stingrays. We spent a good 2 hours in the aquarium, they had many interactive stations and things to get kids interested…which I may or may not have participated in >.>

For lunch we sat on the patio of a Boston Pizza and shared a butter chicken pizza. Right beside the aquarium, dun dun dunnnn was the CN Tower which we had access to through the Toronto City Pass ($55 +tax if you are a Costco member), regular admission to the CN Tower is thirty some thing dollars, considering we have 4 more attractions I feel the city pass is well worth the investment.


Some of the views from the top.



The CN Tower is the worlds tallest building at 181 stories and was classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

There are several things to do at the CN Tower besides observing, there is also the “Edge Walk” on the outside of the building, a glass floor which I was irrational terrified of, the “Sky Pod” encase you want to be even higher, a theater which was playing a short film on the future of planes, and an interactive theater which threw the spectators around, sprayed water at them, and left them thoroughly confused….it had absolutely no connection to the CN Tower as far as we could tell BUT was still fun and part of regular admission.

After all the excitement it was time for some cafination at a local coffee shop. We passed by this cool building “Paws Way” an event center dedicated to the celebration of pets. Although it is sponsored by Purina…I would love to see more things like this, especially in Winnipeg where people can enjoy exhibits, activities, attend agility and training lessons, and other pet related events WITH your pet!

Lastly there were two random points I wanted to share:

1. Who ever predicts Toronto’s weather needs some assistance…it was supposed to rain all day for the last two days and instead was sunny, and when it said it was going to be sunny…it was cold and raining. It just makes planning really difficult.

2. Every day I have been here I have run into the “Believe Man”. The Believe Man is apparently well known by Toronto residents, he stands on the same corner near the Eatons center and hands out information on his religious group. The notable thing about this man is that as you walk by he shouts “BUH_LEEVE” at you while throwing his arm straight out at you. Needless to say this startled me the first few times.


For the remainder of the night we will be sipping on some apple cider drinks : )




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