Toronto Day 1


The day was off to a rough start when I was only able to get 2 hours of sleep before heading to the airport. On the plane I watched parts of Pacific Rim in between napping. At the Toronto Pearson airport my friend Bobby was waiting for me, we took a bus from the airport to a subway station, which took us to another bus station. The entire trip cost $3, compared to the alternative; $50 cab ride. After dropping off my bags at his apartment we went out for lunch at the first restaurant he ate at when he moved to Toronto, Johnny’ G’s.


It was a cute little family restaurant with windows that opened up the entire front of the building. Afterwards we headed to a wannabe Sobeys to pick up food for the week.


I finally got to see the infamous milk-in-a-bag. Silly Ontarian’s.


Buying so much wasn’t the best idea since we had to carry all the groceries uphill back to the apartment. Through out the day the weather changed from warm and sunny to cold and gloomy to raining and back to comfortable, first hand experience of Toronto’s bipolar weather changes…
With nothing else on the agenda for the day we ventured out to the grand Eatons Center, a very large and busy mall. On the way we we saw such beautiful homes with old English architecture, it makes me happy to see all the old style homes and buildings that have been preserved or restored.


Back at the apartment we made somewhat home made curry for dinner, it was delicious and Bobby ate a home cooked meal for the first time in many moons. I am beyond tired so for the remainder of the night we are going to relax. The next few days should be pretty exciting so stay tuned!


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