Week 4: Adventures In The Phillippines And The Wedding


Alrighty here we go again…

Wednesday mom’s brother and his wife arrived, we brought them back to the condo and hung out for a bit before taking them to their hotel. They were very exhausted from their trip so they didn’t stay long. For dinner Derek (the fiance) made ribs and they are now my new favorite rib recipe, which we have acquired for our collection. After dinner we packed our bags for the wedding and watched a movie before bed.

First thing Thursday morning we were up and packing the van for the 3 hour drive to the port, we aimed to make it there for the 9:30 ferry. In the van we had Howell as our driver and we had Natasha, Remy, Bobby, Vard and myself as passengers. In the car we had Ralph as a driver and our mom, Derek, mom’s brother Paul and his wife Pam as passengers. When we arrived we found out the 9:30 ferry is only for passengers not vehicles so we had to wait an hour for the next one. The car however stayed in the city until the bank opened at 9am to withdraw money to pay for the wedding, they ended up being just on time for the last vehicle ferry of the day.
Once we got to Bantayan we checked into our hotel for the wedding, La Breanna, and got settled.
The four of us ‘kids’ (Natasha, Remy, Bobby, my self) were in one room with two single beds, the hotel had to add cots for us. In the room across the hall was ‘the boys’ room with Ralph, Vard, Howell, and Yus. Above them was ‘the couple’s’ room and above us was Paul and Pam’s room. AImage

All the rooms had a kitchenette and small sitting area, the bathrooms had a weird design where the shower was not a separate part of the bathroom so when you did shower EVERYTHING in the washroom got wet.
Later we met up with the people who took the car at a restaurant for lunch. After that we headed over to Sugar Beach, the location of the wedding,


We explored the beach while some last minute wedding preparations took place. For dinner we headed to a nice little restaurant on the beach called Tristan’s, they make really good pizza! Back at the hotel we witnessed one of what was to be many power outages then some of the boys, Remy and my self stayed up and had a few drinks.

Friday morning started off with our mom being really stressed and was bit mad we had drank the rum the night before (to be fair we only had half of the bottle…). We had breakfast at a restaurant called ‘H n’ R’ this restaurant became our usual breakfast spot. After breakfast we went back to Sugar Beach where we hired a boat to take us to Virgin Island.




On the islands we went swimming, tanned, and had some lunch. Although some of us didn’t eat much as we only had fish… Some people went snorkeling and found a sea snake


And a bunch of starfish


A few of us went exploring down the shore of the island and found piles and piles of sea shells, we took a few as souvenirs.
After getting back to the hotel we all showered and got ready for dinner, we went to a restaurant called Blue Bar. The ‘kids’ had to sit at the ‘kids table’ but we ordered alcoholic beverages which got us a bit tipsy so we had more fun then the ‘adults’.


We had decided to share a 4 person lasagna but it wasn’t enough food for us and because there were more wedding preparations to be done they didn’t want to wait for us to order more food. On the way back to the hotel we stopped and bought a bunch of junk food and back at the hotel we continued the drinking. We had a few more power outages and a ‘water outage’ then we helped with the making of the marinade for tomorrow night’s BBQ. Later in the night we got some bad news: The best-man would not be attending the wedding, to avoid a crises they selected a new best-man and asked Bobby to step in as one of the groomsmen!

Saturday: After breakfast at the usual place the boys (including the new groosman Bobby) were sent off to the market for last minute items. The plan was to head to the dress maker’s (La La’s) shop to get last minute fittings and an out fit made for Bobby. We had to take the van to ferry the guests arriving at the port to their room’s at Sugar Beach. During this time La La showed up at La Breanna and did the fittings right at our hotel! After the fittings were done we were told we had to pack our things we would need for the day, including what we needed for the rehearsal dinner, then we headed to Sugar Beach for the rest of the day. We didn’t really know what was going on or why we needed to be at the beach so early because we found out the bride was napping in her air-conditioned room while we waited thinking that they were taking care of wedding stuff. No one had told us we had access to food at Sugar Beach so we didn’t end up eating any thing between breakfast and the rehearsal dinner. During the time we had on the beach we just watched the set up crew get ready for the party


Every thing was very disorganized so we attempted to help but eventually gave up on that task and just hung out with the bartenders for a bit.
The rehearsal party started very behind schedule and we didn’t actually rehearse. We were also supposed to have a dance lesson as the bridal party had to perform a dance for their entrance at the reception, but that never happened…
Before dinner started us ‘kids’ got a few drinks at the bar, since we hadn’t eaten much all day they hit us a bit hard. After dinner there was a drag show, then some odd wedding games that we got suckered into playing, the game was some thing like partnered 20 questions. Once the games were finished the bartenders had a flare bar tending show, they put on a really good show!.
After all that the DJ started his music and the party started! DJ Gran was fantastic, probably the best DJ I have heard, this made for a really awesome party. To sum up the party we drank A LOT (more than I ever have before), we danced A LOT, made some new friends, and overall had a good time. the weird thing though was that the people here like to dance in these big dancing circles where one person goes into the center to show off their ‘moves’, this was awkward for us but with all the drinks we had each of us ended up going into the middle.
Near the end of the night some people started trickling away and there wasn’t many people dancing, then our mom insisted we leave with her so we headed back to the hotel. Back at our room we decided to stay up for a while to drink as much water as we could before bed, during this time I decided, in my inebriated state, that it was a good idea to go for a walk out side. Remy came with me as chaperone, she wouldn’t let me pull a prank on the boys…I wanted to take the dress mannequin that was left at the hotel and put it on the boys patio so when they opened the curtain in the morning it would be standing there. Despite the amount I drank I didn’t get sick but poor Natasha ended up throwing up a lot that night.

The Day Of The Wedding:
Started off with breakfast at the usual place, but eating was difficult this morning with the hangover or still being drunk, I’m not sure. Back at the hotel we finally had our dance rehearsal, then it was showers, hair, make up, wardrobe for every one. For some reason our room was designated the dressing room for all the ladies, and it quickly got really crowded.


With all those people in one room plus the camera crew recording every thing it was super warm even with the AC full blast. And because the make up artists were not used to working on Caucasian skin tones they put on really dark foundation on us, I have tanned a lot it wasn’t too noticeable on me but it was a little funny looking on Natasha and Remy. Once I was finished getting ready I hung out in the boys room until it was time for the photo shoot as it was a lot cooler in their room. At one point I was asked to play medic as the groom-to-be had sprained his ankle at the party the night before and could barely walk on it. Thankfully I had a small medical bag with me and I was able to tape his ankle, this gave him enough support to be able to walk on it and dance for the couples first dance!


After the photo shoot we were shipped off to Sugar Beach for the ceremony but things were very disorganized and started late, most likely because we didn’t actually rehearse at the rehearsal dinner and party.


Eventually the couple were wed!!
To start off the reception we had to perform our dance…which was a horrible nightmare, no one remembered the dance, especially me… After dinner there was a bunch of weird wedding games, and Bobby had a lovely speech. We got Ralph to quickly take us back to the hotel so we could change for the party. We got back just in time for the fireworks display! Yes! There was a fireworks display!


Once DJ Gran started up his music we hit up Charlie and Ran for drinks and we set a goal for the night: break up the circle dancing! To do this we enlisted the help of our new friends and when we saw people watching from the side lines we would surround them and bring them out to the dance floor. Bobby was the life of the party with his amazing dance skills and every one had an amazing time! Late in the night our mom told us we had to leave again even though the party was still going. I really wanted to stay longer!! back at the hotel we stayed up for a while to drink more water, in our drunken state we ended up bugging the boys for a while, had more fun in our room, then headed to bed.

Then came Monday morning…on second thought lets not talk about Monday at all…
The day started off with a rude awakening from our mom banging on our door and shaking it…great way to start the day. We hobbled out of bed with our war wounds and head aches and went for the usual breakfast, I ended up only having coffee.
Back at the hotel we had to pack every thing up, eventually I realized I lost my shoes at the party the night before. Howell took me down to the beach to look for them but they were gone : (
We tried to get on the 12:30 ferry but it was full so we had lunch and hopped on the 1:30 ferry. The ride was not enjoyable as it was really wavy and I got a bit sea sick, the three hour drive home was no better. We got caught in rush hour traffic so we didn’t end getting home until 6 or 7pm. I ended up staying up pretty late talking to a bunch of people I met at the party.

As for Tuesday we ended up lounging around the condo for the entire day. We have concluded that a bunch of must have got food poisoning and we think it might have been from the catering food. Way later in the day we went for dinner at the Blue Bar & Grill at the Marco Polo hotel, it was super fancy and nice.


I didn’t get a lot of photos of the wedding due to being a part of the entourage, but don’t worry there will be plenty of photos I just need to borrow them from the others!
We have one week left before we finally head home, its going to be a busy week!


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