Adventures In The Phillipines Week 3


Here we are again for another week!

Wednesday the whole family went to the hypermarket to do much needed grocery shopping. Afterwards the fiance wanted to get a massage, Remy and I accompanied him. We ended up going to three different locations because they were all busy, but we eventually found one that could take us with out an appointment. It was a lot cheaper then compared to massages back home, and the staff was all registered in their trade. Later in the evening we drove up a hill side (or maybe it was a mountain?) and had dinner at Mr.A’s, this was a cool place to have dinner as it overlooked the city, we ate dinner watching all the lights of the city. Oh and we found this really weird looking bug, you have most likely heard of stick insects but have you heard of leaf insects??


We didn’t really do any thing on Thursday, I waited with great excitement for Friday, because on Friday Bobby arrives! (one of my best friends who moved to Toronto).
One thing, the fiance is a professional cook, and usually makes our dinners…so yummie. We are trying to put together a collection of all the recipes he makes that we want to bring back with us, it sure would spice up our meals back home.

When Friday finally rolled around I was so excited I woke up early so I could be ready to pick Bobby up from the airport. My excitement was put on hold when I found out the airline he was one double booked his flight from Manila to Cebu and he had volunteered to take the next flight in. It wasn’t a big deal because it was only an hour later then originally planned…until we got to the airport and found out his flight was delayed an hour more…eventually we got him, brought him to the condo and started showing him around. We didn’t go out any where but we made plans for an overnight trip to the beach! Bobby tried his best to stay up to adjust to the new time zone but ended up taking a nap and going to bed earlier then planned.

Our plan for Saturday was to drive out to Alcoy after the fiance finished his class. We brought along our escort Ralph and one of our mom’s other friends Vard, we took two cars; one car was my mom and her fiance, myself and Bobby, the other car held Ralph, Vard, Natasha, and Remy. I REALLY wish I had gotten in the other car…it was three hours of backseat driving from my mom, and her awful music. Driving here is scary as heck, I’m pretty sure there are no driving rules…you just go and don’t hit things…well we did end up hitting some thing…as it got dark it was getting harder to see the numerous bikes and trikes on the road as there were no street lights. When overtaking a trike we accidentally hit the bike’s handle bars with our side-view mirror, we stopped long enough to see if they were ‘ok’ and kept going. I prayed that we would arrive at our destination very soon…
Sure enough we did, we stopped at a beach front resort, but they only had one room. Because we didn’t want to risk being out on the road we decided to cram 8 people into one room…it was a nice cottage-like building with big doors you could open up to the patio that overlooked the ocean, it had two beds, and a large sitting area. The resort added a whole bunch of cots for us so no one had to sleep on the floor.




When we got our room we sat on the patio and ate the rice and chicken we picked up from a local market. The rice was called ‘hanging rice’ because it it wrapped up in these woven triangle shapes made from coconut leaves, and the chicken was a ‘native’ chicken with the most delicious flavor, that flavor that I have waited for ever since I left the Philippines two years ago…it was awesome.
After dinner we went and explored the beach, I really wanted to go swimming but was advised against it as when its dark you cant see the jelly fish. So instead of risking it we sat on the patio, had drinks, and hung out. The fun ended when we decided it was time to sleep, I got stuck on a cot which was the most uncomfortable sleep of my life! This made three nights in a row that I couldn’t sleep, it felt like I layed awake for hours, then it got really cold in the room because of the AC which made it harder to sleep. For a time I considered crawling into bed with Natasha and Remy, but before I mustered the energy to move I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I remember was waking up at some awful time of the morning because no one had closed the curtains and the sun was rising.

First thing Sunday morning we had breakfast then it was time for the beach!


The beach had these huts you could rent for the day, we didn’t need one as the resort let us use our room until 2pm.


^ The boys.


^ The white people.


^ The couple.

After some fun in the water I got my tan on, it only took an hour in the cloudless sun and I am about 2-3 shades darker, Yay!
The tide came in around noon so we headed upstairs, every one showered, packed up, then we had lunch before having to head back to the city. For what ever reason this resort had their very own monkey…


I don’t much like monkeys but I felt bad for this one, its living conditions were less then comfortable.
For the ride home I made sure to be in the other car, such a peaceful ride home…The rest of the night we relaxed and recovered from our vacation.

Monday there was many errands to run for the wedding, though because the car could only hold so many Natasha, Remy, and my self stayed home. I was content staying home, we watched movies through out the day and in general were very lazy! Bobby went with the group since he had not seen a lot of the city yet, they had to pick up alcohol for the bar for both Saturday and Sunday, paper plates and plastic cups, white undergarments for the groomsmen, and some other items common for a Filipino wedding. Our mom made some spicy chilli for dinner, while she was cooking she sent us off to “Off Roads” for coffee. It is a really nice place to have an iced coffee, sitting on the rooftop patio, enjoying the view and breeze!

Finally Today (Tuesday) we started the day slowly, then we got ready to go out and do more wedding errands. Today’s errands were more enjoyable, we got our nails done and did some shopping while our mom and her fiance got their hair cut and colored.I picked up a new butterfly for my collection, awesome! Our sister Remy put up a fuss about having to go out and get  her nails done so we left her behind, good thing to as there was no room in the car! Before heading home we had dinner at ‘BigBy’s’ I had a delicious fruit/cheese/walnut salad and for dessert we all shared the ‘Titanic Treat”!


Needless to say 5 people were not able to finish this, but the nice staff packed it up and we took it home, you can take any thing home in the Philippines!

And that’s all for week three. Until next time.


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