The First Week Of Adventure In The Philippines

I’ve decided that from here on out my posts will be less frequent, mostly due to A) I have a 25 page paper due on August 5th for the program I just finished and B) We don’t go on daily adventures here so there is not much to report on.

Alright Philippines Day 1:
We arrived at my adopted mom’s condo and where given our room. Turns out Natasha, Remy and I will be sharing, and later in the month we will be adding another person to our room.


Since I had one hour of sleep in the past 24 it was difficult for me to not take a nap as soon as we arrived. Afterwards Natasha and I unpacked our things. While I slept Remy was given a tour of the condo and showed her mom all the things she had purchased in Japan. Since this is my second time living here I did not require a tour, every thing felt familiar as soon as I walked in.

Our mom and her fiance were required to be in Manila later that day so they headed off to the airport before dinner. We were being left alone in the condo until Saturday…but I forgot to mention, we wouldn’t be alone, the live-in maid would be with us. Yes, that’s right, we have a live-in maid and she does more then just clean, she prepares meals and every thing. So far I feel pretty awkward about it as I am not used to having hired help.

They left us with a bunch of groceries, money to buy what ever else we needed, and a cell phone with Ralph’s number in it. We hung out with him quite a bit the last time we were here, and now he will be our go-to-man if we need some thing. So cooking is a little bit different here, to use the stove we first need to turn on the gas which is located in the maid’s room, then you need to light the elements you are using, for the first few days we asked the maid to do this for us as I really don’t want to burn the place down…and I’m convinced I will if I light it my self. It was awkward to make dinner for the three of us as the maid hovered near us in case she could be of help, I suppose she is used to doing the cooking, and we are used to doing it our selves so it was just an awkward mess. I forgot to mention, she doesn’t really speak any English so its difficult to communicate…


The best part though is all the fresh fruit, which is also very inexpensive.

Day 2:
We really didn’t do any thing today. For the first time in 40 days I was able to sit back, paint my toe nails, and relax. I worked on catching up on all my blogs, did some reading, and chatted with some people back home.
The weather has been rather odd, its fairly warm and humid, nothing that I’m not used to by now, but every afternoon it rains those Asian rain storms I keep telling you all about. It will do this for an hour maybe? Then dry up but return to overcast skies. I really wanted to work on my tan during this portion of my trip so hopefully it clears up.
With the assistance of Ralph we had the maid purchase one of those delicious roasted chickens that the vendors here sell. Honestly the chicken here is the best I have ever had, we have tried purchasing it back home and when that ended in dissatisfaction we tried making it our selves, its just not the same. While I am here I am going to make sure to have this as often as possible! The maid served our chicken with rice she prepared, it was so weird being served food like this…I’m not royalty or any thing, this isn’t what happens back home!

Day 3:
By now I am getting fidgety being in the house so much so today Natasha and I hung out by the pool. I only managed to get two hours of sun before it dissapeared behind the clouds and rained on us, it has rained at least once every day, and each night we have these beautiful lightning shows, some times we even get thunder.
Today I also activated my Tamagochi I bought at the Tamagochi store in Tokyo, its text is all in Japanese but it’s helping me learn! So far so good, its only the ‘nano’ version so it doesn’t have as many options but I didn’t want to spend $50 on the latest version.


I had accidentally set its clock for the time back in North America which makes it difficult to care for, its always sleeping while I’m awake, and its awake while I’m sleeping, so far its been pretty forgiving.

Day 4:
It was about time I started working on that giant paper that’s due in just over a week…I managed to grab a few sources and ended up writing a good introduction paragraph, but then all my motivation ran dry. So I spent some time re-erecting the paper-writing shrine.


In the evening our mom returned from Manila, her fiance will be staying there until next Saturday for a course he is taking. With her she brought home another one of those roast chickens! I spent the rest of the night procrastinating from writing my paper, but I was doing some of the readings from my program that I hadn’t done earlier that may pertain to my thesis so it wasn’t completely procrastination, just the lesser of two evils.

Day 5:
After breakfast we went to a mall that might have been called ‘J Mall’ or some thing. We picked up a few groceries, some super cheap alcohol (we paid $4 for two 700ml bottles) and for some reason tried on wigs…


This is Remy trying on a white wig, both her and my adopted mom ended up getting wigs, still not sure why.
Later in the evening the wedding planner and his entourage came over and we got to meet the bartenders for the wedding. For some reason I was put in charge of choosing the drinks that will be available at the bar for both the Saturday party before the wedding and the Sunday party after the wedding. I found out about this responsibility earlier today…


See that, that’s my ‘not impressed’ face. The bartenders are both charismatic, I think one of them likes me, maybe I’m reading into it, perhaps I could have an August fling? Haha. The two of them put on a drink competition and served us a few sample drinks.


Day 6:
Today we went to another mall, Ayala, I think. Here we had lunch at ‘Shakey’s’ then browsed the department store for wedding accessories. We also came across an anime store that sold alot of merchanidize from my latest favorite anime ‘Fairy Tale’. I didn’t bring my wallet with me, nor have I converted any Pesos, so NO I didn’t buy any thing. LOL. But I might go back…
Afterwards it was more working on the dreadful paper and general laziness. Our mom had to go into work tonight, she works overnights due to her position she needs to be at work when North America would be awake.
Today I concluded that I am now sick : (
At first I thought the AC in my room was just irritating my throat but today I am convinced I have finally caught some thing despite my best precautions. I have tried taking Advil, cold and flu, Hallz…nothing is helping and puts me in an overall negative space which makes being productive with my paper very difficult.
The weather also hasn’t been very pleasant, cloudy or rain all the time, I really wanted to see the sun!

Some things I would like to point out:
I’m pretty sure the condo is right beside a barn. Every morning the rooster wakes us up, last night the rooster woke me up (doesn’t it know the difference from night and day?), there are dogs that bark incessantly through out most of the day and night, and today while trying to nap I was continually interrupted by what I can only imagine is a goat.
I haven’t seen sun since the first time I went out tanning.
It gets dark really early.
There are many more Caucasian people then I remember seeing last time.
Supermarkets are called ‘Hypermarkets’, you can buy an entire pig head at these places, and they don’t seem all that sanitary…

Day 7:
I am feeling a little bit better today after giving in and taking some antibiotics, though really sleepy as we ran out of the carton that claims to be milk (I don’t think it’s milk) and couldn’t have my coffee. The maid made us this Philippine dish “Chicken Adobo” for breakfast, I don’t think it’s normally consumked for breakfast…but it was really good and I’d like to get the recipe for it. Later in the day we were sent with the maid to the hypermarket to buy groceries where we had an interesting conversation with the taxi driver. Our mom was off getting blood work done for most of the day so we haven’t seen her much.

I realize most of this probably inst exciting but for those of you who just want to keep tabs on what the three of us are up to I’ll make sure to keep you updated!


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