Day 39: Revisiting Kyoto

We were up bright and early I was up bright and early to shower and get ready for our trip to Kyoto, while the other two slept…and ultimately made us leave later then I would have liked (but its ok I’m just a little bit of a control freak). I found out that our hostel had discount train tickets to Kyoto so Natasha and Remy picked up their to and from tickets and saved a few dollars each way, I still have use of my JRP. We walked down the street to Shin-Imamiya station and took the Osaka-loop line to…well Osaka station then transferred to a rapid service train to Kyoto.

I have to say it felt great to be back in Kyoto, some thing about this city I just love so much. Perhaps its the familiarity, or some thing but I felt very comfortable being here again.
Our first attraction for the day was Kiyomizu-dera, as they had expressed interest in going here. We took the bus, 206 I believe, to a stop at the base of the shopping street that leads up to the temple, fare was ¥220 each. I considered purchasing an all day bus pass for ¥500 but we would only be taking the bus twice so it wasn’t worth it.


The architecture at this temple is beautiful and the surrounding view is stunning, plus I kept my ticket from when I came here with the school and was able to reuse it, shhhhh. We all participated in the buying of charms and trinkets while we explored the complex, though a lot more of the temple was under construction since the last time I was here and a few areas were closed off to us.

We took the bus back to Kyoto station, had lunch at a little restaurant in the underground shopping area and quickly stopped at Avanti shopping mall. Avanti is connected to the station by an underground passage and we wanted to look at inexpensive accessories and things, so it was a quick little detour. Then we bought to and from tickets to Inari station on the Nara bound JR train because our next stop is Fushimi Inari shrine!! It was only ¥280 per person in total (and I still get to use my JRP) it really wasn’t an expensive trip since the shrine doesn’t charge admission. Before starting the climb up the mountain side we stopped at the Daily (convenient store) to buy drinks and snacks.

Apparently some sort of festival was going on at Fushimi Inari as the entire place had been lined with lanterns, it looked really neat!


The climb was a bit more difficult this time, it seemed hotter and more humid, plus we come from flat land…so we took a few more breaks this time around. At the top we each made a prayer at the main shrine, took a quick rest and headed back down. It was a bit later in the afternoon and really overcast so the path started to get dark, one part eerie one part awesome.

Back at Kyoto station it was time for a good meal so we hopped on the good ol’ Karasuma line (the line I took at least 4 times a day for 4 weeks) and got off at Imadegawa (Doshisha campus). I gave the girls a quick tour of the university then we headed to the Izakaya across the street. We enjoyed a feast of chicken skewers, edamame, alcoholic drinks, and white chocolate filled strawberries.

Even after all the good food and fun at the Izakaya we were all feeling a little worn out but Karaoke was on the agenda and Natasha and Remy still wanted to try it so we went to the Karaoke Room. Its maybe a little bit more expensive than other Karaoke places but they offer free drinks during your stay, the facility is very clean and modern looking, and the display machine can be set to English for easier navigation. AND we had a fantastic time!! I stocked up on energy at the coffee machine and we sang our hearts out, we wanted to stay longer but our throats were getting soar so back to the station we went to catch our train home.


(Sorry this pic is pretty bad but the tower looked so nice!)

We got in rather late but that was expected, tomorrow we have to pack up ALL our stuff again and head out.

Until next time.


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