Day 37: Adventures With A Two Day Pass (Part 1)

I figured the best way to see as much of Osaka while spending the least amount of money was to buy the 2 Day unlimited pass, like the one day pass I had bought back when I first visited Osaka. We walked down the street from our hostel to Tennoji station to buy the pass which was ~$27. I was able to find the station with ease but locating the visitors center where you buy the pass took me awhile.

Our first stop was Osaka castle museum. I feel like this should be on any one’s itinerary if visiting Osaka. It gives visitors a taste of Osaka’s history.


Natasha and Remy enjoyed visiting the castle, so much so that Natasha even took photos in areas she wasn’t supposed to, tisk tisk.


After the castle the girls wanted to go to the Pokemon Center so we took the subway to Umeda and walked just down the street to Daimaru, a large department store. This was now my third time at the Pokemon center and now I really want to play one of my old Pokemon games, Natasha and Remy both found plenty of items to buy. Since Uniqlo was on the same floor, and they have the best clothes, we spent some time browsing…and I bought more clothing…I don’t know where I am going to put it all.

After a quick bite to eat we headed to the Tsutenkaku tower, its total height is 103 meters.


The view from the top was beautiful at sunset.


Before leaving we stopped at the cafe inside the tower and shared a special parfait designed after the tower.


By now the girls were getting pretty tired so we headed back to the hostel which happened to be a short walk from the tower. Natasha was asleep before I was even ready for bed but we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow…


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