Day 36: Back To Osaka

In the morning Clark and I prepared our bags for the next leg of our travels, hers home-bound, and mine just needed to make it to the air port then to Osaka. Before we checked out of the hostel we bought food and drinks for the journey, I picked up extra for Natasha and Remy as I knew they would need it. Also the staff at the hostel asked to take our picture for their website/facebook. They were all very sad to see us go and we will miss them too.

We didn’t need to be at the airport until about 2:30pm but Narita airport can take awhile to get to if you do not take an express train. Since we had to check out at 11am any ways we started our long trek with our baggage to the airport. The walk to the closest subway station (Iriya) wasn’t too bad…it was getting to the right platform which was a hassle, there was no elevator/escalator to get to the other platform so we had to bring three heavy bags each down a set of stairs, then back up another. We obviously had to do this in multiple trips though a very kind Japanese man saw us and brought one of the bags down while I wasn’t looking, he was so nice!
From Iriya we took the subway to Ueno and thankfully from there we were able to get on an express rail way to the airport (instead of needing to transfer to Tokyo station first), this definitely made our trip a lot easier.
At the airport we made good use of the baggage carts, I love baggage carts ❤

After checking Clark in for her flight all that was left to do was wait for Natasha and Remy to arrive. Their flight actually arrived a bit early so I didn’t have to wait too long. They both looked pretty tired from the trip but I had plenty of energy for the three of us.

We needed to get from the airport all the way over to Osaka where our flight to the Philippines will depart from, so we took a JR line back to Tokyo station where we then transferred to a Shinkansen. This took roughly 4 hours between the two trains and lets just say the girls did not seem happy to be doing even more travel after their flight, but they did enjoy the drinks and snacks I brought. It was just after 8pm when we got into Shin-Osaka station, from their it was a quick ride on the Midosuji line back to our old stomping grounds of Doubutsuen-mae station. Turns out our hostel is literally across the street from the hostel I had first stayed in back when this whole adventure began, we will now be staying at Hotel Mikado.


The directions the hostel had given on their website where not the best…but they were good enough that we found it with out much difficulty. At check in we had a bit of a problem when Natasha’s credit card acted up and we were unable to pay for the room. The staff was very accommodating and let us pay for only one night in cash so that we could have some time to work out the credit card issue.
When I booked the room I was expecting the western style with bunk-beds for three people but when we got to our room we found out it was Japanese style with three futons and tatami mats lining the room. I think its better this way as it seems we have more space, though we do need to fold up the beds when they are not in use to have this extra space.
On the way to the subway we had picked up 551 Horai for dinner because A) I absolutely love their food and I wanted the girls to try it and B) we needed some thing easy for dinner. The girls were too tired to eat but did manage to eat a little bit, I on the other hand being used to this time zone and all this moving around found my self just as hungry as ever. After some food we called it a night as tomorrow we have a lot of exploring to do!


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