Day 35: Revisiting Ueno

Where do I even start…The female dorm was good, and it was not…It was nice in that every one was so considerate, no one was overly noisy, they asked if it was “ok” to turn off lights (instead of just doing it), and we had a bathroom right outside our room. The down side was that I missed my other pillow, this one was so flat an uncomfortable, the air conditioner was off all night (and I couldn’t find the remote to turn it on), and the room was right above the kitchen where a group of people were talking loudly late into the night.
I should also mention that the female dorm had this neat sitting area separated by a paper wall, this area had big sliding windows that let in the morning light….oh these windows…Last night it was raining, and with the rain it was windy. Honestly I thought there was an animal trying to get into our room, every time the wind blew these windows would shake and make this loud, scary, rattling noise. Though I grew up going out to the family cottage where every thing was noisy and my parents would always tell me that if I was tired enough I would eventually sleep. Lets just say I am excited to move back into the mixed dorm, I think its where I belong, lol.

Moving on…
Tony decided to hang out with “Group B” today (as we now refer to them) and didn’t invite us, so either he didn’t want us around or they didn’t…we will never know, oh well.
Today we actually made it into the Tokyo National Museum, yay! It was a really neat place to visit as it had many displays on Japan’s history, culture, religion and art in general. On the way to the museum I was actually stopped by a group of tourists trying to find the museum. Lets take a moment to think about this…They were lost…so they asked me…for directions…On the bright side I have spent enough time in Japan now that I was able to give them the right directions! That made me feel accomplished since I would be completely lost a month ago.
Then at a cross walk an older man started talking to me about our trip THEN Clark and I were stopped by a student to ask a few questions for his English assignment. So here’s the thing, this entire time I have watched others from my group get stopped ALL THE TIME by people for various reasons, but not once had I been approached. Today I was stopped not once, but THREE times!! I enjoy talking to the locals but usually when I engage them they are not prepared to try and speak English and my Japanese will not make for a good conversation.

At the museum we saw a lot of things that we had learned about in our program.

Items from different periods of per-modern Japan.



Some items from war times.


Some items from theater.



And some religious items.


Overall I enjoyed this museum a lot and would recommend it to any one who wants to sample a little bit of every thing Japan has to offer and who has an hour or two.

The museum drained our energy though…so we decided to go back to the hostel for a nap or food. With our funds running low we are starting to look forward to getting home (I never thought I’d say that…and I’m not going home for a long time still).
Before reaching the station I remembered that this brochure we had picked up “101 things to do in Tokyo” mentioned a haunted house that is remodeled every couple of months. I was able to convinve Clark (with a matcha latte) to at least go with me to the building but she might not come in with me as she does not like haunted houses. So we attempted to get to the nearest station…but couldn’t…I’m not sure if it was because of the time of day or the station we ended up at but for what ever we could not find the train that would stop at the right place! Defeated, low on energy, and with sore feet we headed home to rest and perhaps get better directions from the internet.
When I looked it up I found out the brochure neglected to tell me that this haunted house was in an amusement park that was very expensive to enter. I guess it was a good thing we couldn’t find it.

Later in the evening we went back to that restaurant for the third and final time for this trip, this time I had the curry rice. This place still remains my favorite place to eat in Japan. After dinner it was time to start packing as tomorrow we have to check out : (


This is what we had to deal with all night…
Clark had soo many clothes to pack, she ended up buying a huge duffle bag as her second peice of checked luggage just to fit it all, and in the end she left her towel behind as it didn’t fit.
She also gave me her small bag she had bought to bring all her things over from Kyoto to Tokyo in. With this I was able to pack all my things, but I am still looking forward to when I can throw a bunch of stuff in Remy’s suitcase, Hah!
While we were packing the staff in the hostel came in and invited us to the bar to have a drink with them before we had to leave, these people have been so nice to us, I will really miss them!


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