Day 34: Another Adventure In Tokyo

After the countless hours I spent researching interesting things to do in each of the cities that we would be in we found ourselves with no plans for the day.
Eventually we decided to go back to Harujuku because Clark really wanted to buy the new Tamagotchi and after that we wanted to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. The TMGB has a free observation deck on the 45th floor, while Tokyo Tower would be more touristy, it would also be really expensive.

On our way to Ueno station we stopped in at a local bakery near our hostel, they had tasty breads for a reasonable price. I really enjoyed their curry buns!


We ended up buying ice cream at a McDonald’s in Harujuku so we could sit in their lovely air conditioned building to eat the packed lunches we had with us. Clark and Tony shared ice cream and french fries…and I mean ice cream on french fries. They swear it’s delicious but I don’t know if I will be exploring that option…

Here is the awesome view from the observation floor at the TMGB.


It was a rather rainy afternoon/evening and didn’t make for the best photo opportunities but it was still worth seeing the Tokyo skyline at least once. We thought about staying until the sun went down but got bored and headed home.
Before leaving Ueno station to walk back to the hostel we stopped in at that resturant we found the other night for dinner again. I love that place!

So back in May when I was booking hostels they didn’t have enough room for all three of us on one night of our week stay (in the mixed dorm). I booked my self into the female dorm for one night to get around this particular problem, today was the day I had to move out of my mixed-dorm-home and move into the female room. So far all I can say is that I am pretty happy that I am only in this dorm for one night. First off, its on the second floor and there is no way I would have gotten my gigantic suit case up those stairs with out damaging some thing. Second, because of the room lay out one of the beds blocks the cupboard that would be for my bed to lock their stuff in. I had left all of my belonging in the mixed dorm any ways (Clark and Tony will keep an eye on it) but that would have been annoying if I couldn’t have locked up any of my bags for my entire stay.
I’ll let you know how the night plays out tomorrow.


3 responses to “Day 34: Another Adventure In Tokyo

  • scuzz83

    the salt from the fries would have made a nice contrast to the sweetness in the Ice cream. you’d be surprised the way some foods work together. I once had extreme dark chocolates filled with caramel and ghost peppers and topped with pink sea salt. ooh and a Cucumber cilantro popsicle is one of the best things on stupidly hot days.

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