Day 33: Exploring Ueno

When we woke up this morning our friend Tony was not around, he had told us the night before that he would be joining the other group of our classmates for a trip to Mt. Fuji. Clark and I decided to visit the Tokyo National Museum which is supposed to be a really good museum to see.


When we got there we found out it was closed…and we didn’t really have a back up plan of things to do for the day. We quickly checked our handy travel guide that we picked up for free at a capsule hotel and noted that there was a zoo nearby. It only cost $4 with our discount so we decided to check it out.

I have to say I loved this zoo! I got to see a bunch of neat animals and the exhibits were nicely spaced that you didn’t feel as if you were walking very much.






After lunch at the zoo we decided to head home for a bit of rest as we were both super tired. Im not sure if its the amount of walking and exploring we are doing in Tokyo or the lack of sleep we are getting in the hostel but it is really wearing us out. On the way out of the park however we noticed a street performance had just started so we decided since we didn’t really have any thing better to do we would check it out. This guy was a really good performer, how can you tell? I couldn’t understand any thing he said and I still really enjoyed the show!


After the performance which Clark and I both enjoyed we randomly came across this neat little market/shopping street while looking for the entrance to the subway station.


We had conjured enough energy to go on a mini-adventure in the market, though we didn’t buy any thing we definitely got the Japanese-market experience (I think). We also found this good looking inexpensive noodle restaurant. It was too early to have dinner at the time but said we would come back for later.

When we got back to our hostel we were greeted by Tony who didn’t end up going to Mt. Fuji due to his credit card not allowing him to withdraw the needed funds (this is why I converted so much cash). After some relaxing we all went to the restaurant we had found earlier.


The food was soo good and cheap and every thing we wanted, we will for sure be returning to this restaurant as many times as possible before we leave, it is right outside Ueno station, which is only a 15 min walk from our hostel.
After dinner we wandered a shopping mall called 0101 but found things were a bit out of our price range here. It had been such a beautiful day and we did not want to just return to our hostel so the three of us went back to Ueno park (right in between the National museum and the zoo) grabbed a Starbucks drink and relaxed outside while chatting the night away. It was very refreshing to just hang out, outdoors, with no place to be, no rush, no assignments to be handed in (I’m pretending I don’t have to write a final paper for my course), just chilling with friends, in a park, in Tokyo, on a beautiful summer night.


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