Day 32: Exploring Akihabara

The staff at the hostel we are staying at make us feel very welcome here, when ever we leave they say “Itterasshai” the response one gives to “Ittekimasu” which is what you are supposed to say when leaving your house, its so cute!

Today our friend Tony ditched us to go do his own thing while Clark and I decided to explore Akihabara. Akihabara or “Electric city” is known for all of the shops selling everything electronic from new and used games, gaming systems, laptops, idevices, to just random electronics and computer parts. Here you can also find dozens of maid cafes, anime/manga items of all sorts, and a large amount of pornography and related items…Here are a few of the interesting things we found:








At one point we decided it would be a good cultural experience to visit a maid cafe, so we asked for directions to one from this girl who was all dressed up handing out flyers. She told us she could take us there, we thought this was a great idea…she ended us leading us down this sketchy street behind the main shopping street of Akihabara, down some sort of back lane, into an old looking building and put us in an elevator with two creepy looking guys. The whole thing got creepier as we went on. Once on the right floor the cafe itself didn’t seem well maintained and a little bit dingy. In broken English our waitress tried to explain that there would be a $5 dollar charge per person for one hour and that we would be required to order at least one item during this time, most items were $6-8. Both of us were feeling rather broke so we awkwardly excused ourselves, before exiting the building we noticed there was a pirate cafe and checked the prices there, it was relatively the same price but the girls were dressed like pirates, so cute! We did not end up experiencing a maid cafe, but we saw two!

We decided to head back to our hostel to get directions to our next location. Apparently you can get wifi “every where” in Japan, but you have to pay for it T.T and even though Starbucks boasts having free wifi you need to be a member of their reward program, how stupid. So we were left with having to go home to look up directions, which didn’t cost us any thing as we have our JRP, Yay! On the way we found the Gundam Cafe, but there was a huge line to get.


Can you guess where our next stop was?….The Tokyo Pokemon Center! YAY!! I can’t help but love this store and the best part is Japan loves the Eevee Evolutions so I am able to purchase as much merchandise of my favorite Pokemon as I want!


Its cute that his name is only “Jolteon” in the English version, I call him “Thunders” all the time now.

The closest station to our hostel is Iriya (subway) but Ueno is only a 15 min walk and is connected to the JR lines so to save money we normally take the JR line to Ueno and walk home, also helps us get more exercise. There are soo many shops available inside these larger stations and it all looks so yummie!


We were home a bit early but spent the rest of the night planning what we want to do for the next couple of days in Tokyo. Our friend we met in Harujuku invited us out to see Kabuki but we declined as its super expensive, maybe another time.

Until next time…


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