Day 30: Venturing To Tokyo

First thing this morning I had to finish packing, have breakfast, clean my room and be out of the apartment by 11am. Charles and Tony are both trekking some of my junk back with them in their suit cases, I’m so lucky! (Yet I still can barely fit all of my stuff).
Our good byes were rather rushed because we were in a hurry to make our train and we took longer then expected to move out, which was good for me, that way I wouldn’t become too emotional.


Tony, Clark and I will be spending the next week in Tokyo, we took a bullet train to Tokyo station, the trip only took 2 and a half hours! Once we arrived we transferred to a different train to get to Ueno station then to the Hibiya subway line to get to the nearest station to our hostel. Our hostel was easy to find as I had printed the directions and a map ahead of time. Check in apparently starts at 4pm and it was only 3:30 when we arrived so we waited in the beautiful air conditioning.
One of Clark’s high school English teachers is now working in Japan for the J.E.T. Program, she said she would meet us at the station but with all the confusion we couldn’t find her and eventually she met us at the hostel.

We are staying at the Toco Heritage Hostel, the front of our hostel is actually a bar that is open to the public.


The three of us are staying in an 8 bed mixed dormitory, its a bit odd when people are sleeping, you feel bad making noise etc but it cant be helped.


There are these storage compartments under the bunk beds for your suit cases, all of my stuff fits in there as long as the front pockets are not bulging. They are pretty spacious, I could probably climb into it, hah.

Once we got our room/beds Clark’s teacher, Mithrandir, took us to see a festival that was being held at the Imperial Palace. During this festival they lit floating lanterns and placed them in the mote, there were boats available to go out on the water, just like Tangled. We had gotten the location wrong and had to walk for about what seemed like forever (probably an hour?). By the time we made it to the right location the festival was coming to an end but we still got to see the lanterns and that was all I wanted!


My feet were threatening to become useless if we didn’t take a break soon so we stopped at McDonald’s to relax, I tried their “Coffee Float” I don’t think I would have this particular one again but the idea seemed good to me! After all that walking, little sleep from the night before, and the heavy bags we had to drag around the train stations it was time to go home and sleep.


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