Day 25: Venturing Back To Osaka

Today we had a day trip to Osaka, I was particularly excited about this because the Osaka-six were heading back to our stomping grounds!
We took the Special Rapid Service JR train to Osaka, which got us their way faster than the last time we took the train from Osaka-Kyoto. Our only stop on the school-itinerary was the Osaka Castle Museum.


It was a neat place to visit but at the same time I was expecting a lot more of a “castle”, instead what the public gets to view is a museum. This stop is one of the sites that the one and two day Osaka pass gets free admission to so if we don’t have other more pressing things to do I may take Natasha and Remy, its really scenic.

Today was excessively hot, some people are saying the rainy season is over and we are now moving into Japan’s hot summer.

After the castle visit we were free to do as we pleased, some students went to the aquarium, admission is $23 and Natasha, Remy and I will be visiting that in a few weeks. So I didn’t know what I was going to do in Osaka on my own for the afternoon. In lecture my professor mentioned a temple that claims to have the skull of a giant snake, I decided that this could be an interesting visit. So we took a train (my professor and I) to a different ward, then we got lost, and eventually found the temple. When we got there it was closed…we  wandered the grounds, I got some nice photos, and we headed back. A note about getting back, we took the wrong train and had to transfer two times to get back to Osaka station.


Now that I think about it there was a group of students who went to a shopping district, and Charles and Bruce just hung out and wandered around. I could have done a number of other things with my friends and had a great afternoon in Osaka and made some really special memories. But hanging out with my prof was terrible, it just wasn’t eventful, I think this helped us understand each other on a different level outside the teacher-student interactions.
I was pretty tired and it wouldn’t be my last visit to Osaka so I decided to head back to Kyoto on my own. I felt all grown up navigating the train station all by my self (not that its particularly difficult). When I got home I prepared for our super exciting side trip for tomorrow and then worked on my assignments which are due anytime tomorrow.


One response to “Day 25: Venturing Back To Osaka

  • scuzz83

    It took me a few trips in the New York subway system before I had it down pat. I’m sure if you had time enough you’d be Queen of the Rails and know every route needed.

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