Day 19: A Day Off??

So today’s lecture was canceled to celebrate the remaining hours of Canada Day and instead there was an optional field trip. Most of the class decided to take the day off, I however went on the mini field trip and I managed to sleep in a tiny bit.

The trip was to see the 10sq ft hut from the Hojoki. This is a text about a monk who leaves the Imperial court to live as a hermit in the mountains to detach himself from his worldly desires for his practice of Buddhism. In the end the man realizes he cannot get rid of all his desires as he loves his little 10sq ft hut.
p.s. This reminded me of our apartments…


This was situated at a shrine…which I do not recall the name but there were lots of people wishing to be cute or beautiful by purchasing these plaques and drawing faces on them.


After the shrine visit our small group stopped at a restaurant and we all bought Dango, these sticky ball things.


They were actually really good, no surprise for Japan.

After the trip I went to the Avanti mall with Tony. There were many shops that I would have liked to buy from but I was getting so tired that I was cranky so I ended up going home. Once at home I crashed hard, I slept for 4 hours. It was 7pm when I woke up. I refused to have company over tonight as I was concerned I was still in a bad mood, eventually I felt better and hung out with Charles. I promise I tried really hard to go to bed at a decent time but sleep evaded me. In attempt to not waste time I did chores and home work until I was tired, around 3am, and now I have a super secret project to work on but it will wait until morning.


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