Day 18: An Adventure Climbing Fushimi Inari

So today I legit fell asleep in class…again. I need to get my sleep schedule worked out so that this stops happening, but in all honesty that’s what any one deserves for making me sit still for 3 hours…
Lunch break was cut a bit short today so that we could have more time for the field trip.


I really enjoy the curry rice from the cafeteria, plus its super cheap. Interesting thing we found out, the receipt tells you how many calories you have purchased!

Originally we were supposed to go to Mt.Hiei but it was canceled do to construction on the main shrine (sorry Remy) and instead we got to go to Fushimi Inari!! I was very excited for this news as it was not originally on the schedule but I really wanted to go here. Inari is the god of rice but many people regard it as the patron of business. Statues of foxes can be seen through out the complex and are regarded as messengers and are commonly found at other Inari shrines, their bushy tail is also supposed to represent a good harvest. Typically the fox statues are in pairs, with one holding a key in its mouth (to a rice granary) and the other holding a ball.


Each of the vermillion colored gates (torii) you see has been sponsored by a business and the name of the business is inscribed on the back of the gate. There are more of these gates then I think possible to count, they are every where.


There are two main part to the Fushimi Inari shrine, one at the base of the Inari mountain and one at the top. To get to the top took us an hour and a half, we stopped a lot for pictures! The path to the top is littered with the torii gates as well as dozens of smaller shrines.


Sometimes we forgot that we were in a forest climbing a mountain, the hike was absolutely stunning. We were not required to go to the top for our assignment but I definitely had to make it to the top for my own goals, how can I let a challenge pass me by?



At the top I made a donation and prayed at the shrine, I wont tell you what I prayed for though!


The path to the top also has many rest stops with merchants, restaurants, and the ever present vending machine. On the way down we stopped and rewarded our selves with an ice cream cone, I had Ramune flavor, it was yummie.


^ This is the back of the torii gates with the business names written on them in black.

I think this is an absolute must-see so I will be bringing Natasha and Remy to this shrine when they visit. This way they will get to see at least one temple and one shrine.

Clark and I did some shopping at the base of the mountain before heading back. The group wanted to do some drinking tonight, we hung out as per usual but I ended up kicking every one out early because I wanted to get a good nights sleep.


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