Day 17: An Adventure With Fireworks

I managed to sleep in today with out staying in bed for too long. My three journal assignments are due tomorrow morning before class, plus there are a billion readings for class this week. I started with cleaning up my apartment and doing laundry, eventually I got into work-mode and got two of the three completed.

As I finished my second journal it was decided that there would be a gathering of sorts and I was to be the host. A Japanese acquaintance of ours brought over a Takoyaki maker and all the ingredients required. Takoyaki is a breaded and fried ball of octopus.


It is quite the involved process.


And they are quite delicious so our efforts paid off.


I think this was the most amount of people I had in my room at one time.


Once it got dark it was time for fireworks! Moyu had also brought the fireworks, we took them to the baseball diamond near the apartments, turns out they were fancy sparklers. It was a lot of fun disturbing the night. I noticed at one point that a man had come and sat in the dugout and watched us…I think he was just making sure we were not up to any thing illegal.
When we got back we made fried pancake balls with marshmallows and chocolate. They were even better then Takoyaki! Most people headed home at 10pm because most of us still had journals to write. I struggled with mine so I had coffee to help get it done…that was a bad idea because then I couldn’t get to sleep until 2am, Charles hung out with me until I managed to get to sleep. BTW I did manage to get the last journal finished, though I didn’t edit it so its probably not very good…


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