Day 16: An adventure in Partying!

Due to our gallivanting last night I ended up sleeping in until noon. After some breakfast Charles and I headed to Eon mall to do some grocery shopping…But there was a mall wide sale…and I couldn’t help my self…


I want to put it on the record that there were a lot more cute items I wanted to buy but I resisted…for now.
We ran into our professor twice at the mall and chatted him up for a bit, he told us of a ‘cheaper’ Izakaya we could go to. We also ran into Tim, Clark, and Bruce while grocery shopping so we all headed back together. This menagerie of people, plus Tony, forms our core 6. Bruce ended up making too much for dinenr and gave me some, he goes all out when cooking, it was really good but spicy. He made pasta in a cherry tomato sauce with mushrooms, olives, and eggplant.


We all wanted to go out again tonight so we decided to do both Izakaya and Karaoke. We tried to round up some people who we don’t normally hang out with to come with, we ended up adding Ollie, Diana, and Serena to the festivities. We decided to try the ‘cheaper’ Izakaya tonight…but it turned out we got charged for using a large seating area…and they have a cover charge of a plate of Edamame (immature soy beans) AND every thing was way more expensive then the night before. Still we had a fantastic time, mostly because Diana got drunk off of literally one drink and was saying the most inappropriate things about the Diabutsu from Todaiji in Nara. After our fill of expensive alcohol and food it was time for Karaoke! We wanted to go back to the place we had tried last weekend but apparently Karaoke is extreamly popular on Saturdays and you need a reservation OR wait upwards of an hour for a room. We were just about to head home when some one found a different Karaoke place just on the other side of Kyoto station. This place looked like a run down motel 8 from the outside and they didn’t have complimentary drinks like the other place but it was much cheaper for the same amount of time as we had done before. The machine was a bit harder to use as we couldn’t figure out if it had an English option so Diana had to translate the machine for us.


Because we stayed so long we missed the last train home and had to walk back from Kyoto station, it was actually quite nice this time because it was cool outside and we didn’t have to drag our luggage around. A few of us broke off from the group and went on a side adventure into a baseball diamond not far from the apartments. Most of our party headed home after we got back but Charles and Tim came over and we hung out until 3am.


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