Day 15: An Adventure at Izakaya!

First thing today we had our midterm…I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up staying up until 2am then hitting my snooze button a few times this morning. I felt I did well on the exam, there were one or two questions I couldn’t answer with great detail but overall I feel good about it. For lunch I splurged and bought a tray full of food, I brought my empty bento box so I could bring the leftovers home for dinner.


This is curry rice, spicy chicken (wasn’t actually spicy) and some sort of spicy noodle with some sort of sweet chicken. All of it was very delicious and came to under $5, plus I had enough leftover to eat at home for dinner.

Our field trip today was the Manga Museum, which is more like a manga library, which isn’t as cool as you’d think considering most things were in Japanese and I cant really read that…I didn’t take many photos as you were not supposed to take photos in many areas but I did sneak one or two.


Sorry it isn’t a very good shot.

As I wasnt really interested in the site and we were not required to write a journal about it I left rather soon. It was an interesting experience getting home, uneventful, but I had left by myself so for the first time I was going home on my own from an unfamiliar location. It wasn’t difficult…the subway I take to get home is two stops after I get on the subway, and the station was just down the block from the museum. However I felt…empowered, to be in Japan, not relying on others to get me from place to place, some thing just felt different and I liked it!

Our group had made tentative plans to go out drinking tonight, I had a plethora of time between when I got home and when we would be going out…yet I did nothing. I could not focus on my school work so I procrastinated until it was time to get ready for the night.

We consulted one of our Japanese acquaintances for the location of a good Izakaya (Japanese drinking establishment) and she recommended Torikizoku, it was right across the street from campus and really inexpensive (the equivalent of $2.80 per drink). We invited a classmate who doesnt usually come out with us and another Japanese acquaintance. We had such a great time! It ranks really high on the “most fun I’ve had drinking” list.


Yes, our friend is being creepy in my photo…


These establishments also serve food, this one in particular does mainly meat skewers. They were all delicious and also the equivalent of $2.80 per two skewers. We had to end the night early as the last train home is at 11:49 and it would be an uncomfortable walk home, it was like riding the drunk train in New York area. I had to have my friends assist my down the stairs of the subway station as I was much inebriated. Then some of the group came back to my apartment to continue the celebration into the early hours of the morning. I had a fantastic night with my new group of friends and I will always regard these memories as some of the most fun I have had in a long time.


One response to “Day 15: An Adventure at Izakaya!

  • scuzz83

    I think I was texting you for a fair bit that night you were up until 2am. Man I would have loved the manga museum. Sadly I don’t really do alcohol cause it has no effect on me.

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