Day 14: An Adventure at The Imperial Palace

After lectures today we headed to the main cafeteria on campus for lunch, I brought some stuff to eat but I also bought a little extra so I could bring the left overs home for dinner.


Its really inexpensive to eat at the caf’, I got this salad thing with chicken and in the smaller bowl is potato with a sweet sauce , also any time you purchase food you can get as much tea as you want at no charge.

After lunch we had a guided tour of the Kyoto Imperial palace, to get past the main walls of the palace you need to book a reservation in advance and provide identification so its really neat that we got to do this. Also, it just so happens to be right across the street from the main campus. This is one of the gates to the inner courtyard area.


They told us at the beginning of the tour that we needed to stay together as a group and wandering off was not permitted…Guess they don’t know I’m no good at that…I did get yelled at a few times (in the most polite way) and was told I couldn’t wander off…but that didn’t stop my exploitative nature.


I apologize that I do not have an tidbits of information on this site, since I was off exploring I missed a lot of the explanations, oops.


IMG_1853  IMG_1856

IMG_1857  IMG_1861

Through out the day I think of things I should add to my blog and it always happens that I forget what those were by the time I write my blog, sorry!

We have our midterm test tomorrow so we all headed home right after the tour to study. I had a really long nap, Hah, and started to study after I had dinner, though it was really hard to concentrate. I am just not in school mode. Later in the evening I had some guests over, we attempted to do a study group, it did help, but we always end up goofing around, good times.


3 responses to “Day 14: An Adventure at The Imperial Palace

  • Natasha

    I like the sound of all you can drink tea for no charge.I think I would take advantage of that option. Also such a beautiful building. love that they haven’t yet been able to stop you from exploring. (against the rules) you find all the cool things that way.

  • scuzz83

    I always carry either a digital voice recorder or notepad to help my swiss cheese brain remember the things I want to talk about. and I can only foresee your wanderlust ending in your abduction by a kappa.

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