Day 13: Geisha Hunting?

After today’s lecture our field trip was to the Yasaka shrine or sometimes referred to as the Gion shrine.


This is the main gate. This shrine is used for wishing good fortune to young children, is popular at New Years, and used to pray to ward off epidemics. There are many smaller shrines inside the complex.



Afterwards we were to explore the Gion area for our journal assignment. The street we wandered was packed full of traditional looking buildings that at one time would have been used by Geisha when entertaining their guests with conversation, tea ceremony etc.ImageImageImage

A lot of these buildings are now restaurants, which we didn’t eat at as they were very expensive. Our professor told us we would most likely see a Geisha here if the timing was right, unfortunately we did not see any. We did come across two women who were all dressed up and went into a private looking building, they may have been Geisha in training. Afterwards we decided to find an inexpensive place to eat and headed towards this cramped little ally of a street lined with restaurants, but they were all closed. So we found our way to a subway station and made our way home. We stopped by the Lawson’s and I picked up a few things for dinner, including a cheese flavored bun, it was a lot better then I expected it to be.


I notice that almost every day when I get home I take a nap, this is so not like me but it really refreshes you. We have our midterm this Friday so after dinner I tried to study but I didn’t get a lot done. Good thing I prayed to the Kami for good grades on the first day of classes.
Tony and Charles came over and we hung out while trying to study/work on journals, then it was off to bed.


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