Day 12

First off I would like to make a shout out to Clark who was so inspired by my onigiri (rice ball) eating skills that she made a comic that I would like to share with you.


Alright so today we had regular lecture BUT we didn’t have a field trip so we had the entire afternoon to ourselves. I came home for lunch and made one of my individual rice packets with some chicken, it looked really weird but it was a lot better then the rice back home, the down side was I couldn’t read the instructions so it was interesting trying to cook it.


Tim was very generous and brought me a banana flavored ice cream she had bought from 7-11, why don’t we have these back home?


Tony, Tim, Clark and I had lunch at my place then we headed to Kyoto station to browse the immense network of shops they have above the subway. I gave my self a limit on how much I was allowed to spend today, and boy I did not have any problem spending it!


Tim and Clark then moved on to Aeon mall while Tony and I stayed at the station and had dinner together before heading home.


I tried to get the restaurant we ate at in the background but it didn’t work >.<

Once I got home I tried to write my journal for class but it didn’t go so well, eventually our group gathered in my room and we hung out for the evening. I have to admit that there is some stuff going on in my personal life back home that I have had to deal with during my time here. It has become an annoyance, especially after tonight, so for the remainder of the trip I am going to focus on the people who are here and not worry about that stuff.

On a side note…Toilets here are very different and have a bunch of odd options.


There are also squatting toilets…they are quite the experience.


6 responses to “Day 12

  • scuzz83

    I had meant to ask about the plumbing situation but felt it might be too odd or indelicate.

    • taccorii

      The plumbing is odd, most washrooms have at least one western toilet but not always so you better just get used to it…also there are rarely hand dryers because they assume every one carries a handkerchief or sweat towel, I broke down after 5 days of not being able to dry my hands. I think the options on the toilet serve an important function: reducing amount of paper used and I think its actually more hygenic for yourself to be nice and clean after each time…

  • scuzz83

    also was it a regular rice ball or did it have filling.

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