Day 9: An Adventure in Shopping!!

Today is Saturday! Which means I slept in and didn’t have to go to class. I spent most of the morning cleaning the fallout of the night-before’s party. Around noon a small group headed over to Aeon mall, we browsed all the floors checking out a lot of neat shops. You know that I cant be in a mall and not buy any thing, and buy things I did. A lot of gifts for other people but a few things for myself as well, and of course some groceries. I was even able to find clothing that fit me, they were soo cute I couldn’t help but buy them.


After our adventure at the mall I spent some time talking to friend back home, and began dinner. Clark invited the group out to Karaoke and we met her Japanese friend Sumika.


We all had a really great night! The best part was when Charles busted out his Eminem rap, totally unexpected.


Afterwards we hung out in Bruce’s room for a bit. I retired early and chatted some more with people back home.


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