Day 10: An Adventure in Chilling in My Room

Sunday is a day of no plans, besides cleaning my room. I did chores, recolored my hair, helped some one do laundry, chatted with friends, did some reading for class, and pampered my self.

I scrounged up some dinner, it was really good. I bought Inari from the store and had it for the first time with my dinner, it is incredible. Its bean curd wrapped around rice, delicious!


Now we are hanging out in my room again.
BREAKING NEWS! We were just hanging out when Tony casually pointed out a cockroach crawling up my wall. Eww!


The strong, courageous men hanging out in my room sat back while the squealing, jumpy girls took care of the intruder. It crawled up into my shoe cupboard in an attempt to escape the determined trio, so we had to extract it.


I was not going to have that little bugger free loading in my room so I dragged everything out into the hall. Eventually we captured it and released it outside in some bushes.


I feel accomplished that we removed the pest with out killing it, and relieved its no longer in my room.

Tim, and Charles pleaded me to add this to the blog, so here it is upon their request. Charles had referenced his silly pun about my favorite Pokemon (Jolteon) and my last name, it was a silly joke then and it was still silly…so I threw my eraser at him…except with my bad aim…It hit him in his junk. It was hilarious.


3 responses to “Day 10: An Adventure in Chilling in My Room

  • Mom

    Reminds me of Boris with wood ticks lol. Glad to see u r cooking and eating well. As for your aim…. U come by that honestly, u don’t come from athletic family 😊 it’s cloudy and humid here today just doing laundry. Supposed to go to a friends for BBQ but not sure if that is still happening or not. Auntie Sherin are doing a count down for our Vegas trip. I think we r down to 78 more sleeps. Still haven’t booked our hotel but not to worried about it. We r holding out for a super deal at the Mirage but if that doesn’t happen we have free offers at other hotels. Got my hair done, looks good, I think ,no one around here notices but the guys at work will let me know since they were so kind as to point out my skunk stripe to begin with. So the car only had quarter tank of gas so I filled it up…… $64 later, I didn’t think it would hold that much. Hope u get your job back when u get home…..bye for now xoxo all of our love mom, Boris & Colton.

    • taccorii

      I think your hair generally looks good, I have to hang my laundry to dry…thats a new experience.
      Where are you guys keeping the car? Has any one cleaned it up yet?

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