Day 8: Negative Impressions

For today’s lecture we had a guest speaker, head of Religion and Culture department at the U of W Albert Welter, in preparation for our day trip to Nara on Monday. Today we did not have a field trip, so I went home for lunch. Despite my intentions to eat I ended up napping right up until I had to leave for a scheduled Kendo demonstration.



First there were three demonstration matches, followed by instruction on how to hold the Kendo sword, how to sit like a samurai, and a basic sword attack. At the end of a Q & A I asked if we could be shown a demonstration match between the female athletes as the matches we had seen were all male.
Now for the down side, during the demonstration matches there was a group of the female athletes who continued to point at certain members of your group and burst out laughing. It was clearly not in a “laughing with us” kind of way. I have had so many great encounters with people here in Japan so I was quite taken back, and very disappointed.

On the way home a small group of us stopped off at the mall by Kyoto station, we had wanted to pick up a few items but we only had time to grab some thing to eat at the food court before every thing closed. I had a peanut butter and caramel crepe with whip cream and custard, soo yummie!


After we got back from the demonstration a big group of people came over and we celebrated with Japanese beer. Needless to say some interesting things happened last night and we all had a great time.



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