Day 7: Kiyomizudera


This is the building that we have class in each day.
I’ve been thinking that my posts are rather short once when we just have a field trip in the afternoon since I doubt you want to hear about lectures. So today I shall share my daily routine.

So my alarm goes off at 7am, some times I am already up some times not. I hop in the shower, pack my bag for the day and make breakfast. I try to bring some food from home each day, either snacks or an entire lunch. Depending how long all that takes dictates if I have time for make up otherwise I just grab some clean clothes and try to be out of the room by 8:20am. I am on the 10th floor so it can take me a bit longer to get downstairs.
The subway station is a 3-5 minute walk from the apartments straight down the street. For those of you in Winnipeg who have never had the opportunity to take a subway you go down a flight of stairs, buy your ticket and put it through the turnstile (we have subway passes for the month so we just put those in the turnstile) then they pop out the other side and you walk through. Then there are MOAR stairs down to the platform, there are two trains, going in opposite directions so make sure you know which way you want to go! When the train is approaching a cute little tune is played over the speakers. The University¬† is 7 stops away which takes about 12-13mins and gets you across 1/4 the city! Now you have to walk up all those stairs you came down…Depending which exit you take at the station you can get a little closer to our building on campus. Then its lecture from 9-12…
After a lunch break we meet up and head out for our field trip of the day.

Today we went to Kiyomizudera (The pure water temple). This the front gate.

This is the main building.


It was down pouring all day, I would have liked to not be drenched but I suppose that’s the irony. I think Natasha and Remy would really enjoy this spot so I might come back with them when they come visit me.

Since it was raining so much and I was super cold and wet, I didn’t stay to browse the many shops that line the street leading up to the temple. As per usual we have to find our own way home from the field trips, I got home with no hick ups just after 4pm, some times we don’t get back until 8pm those nights suck.Apparently my friends Tony and Clark got lost in the rain for 3+ hours trying to get home, I was worried when they hadn’t made their way back after dinner, but they eventually got home.

Once I get home I usually nap, make dinner, start on my blog or journal and then our group of friends meet up in some ones room to work on the journals. We always have a good time but not much work gets done Lol. Tonight the party was in my room, as it turns out I have the biggest room of all the apartments, guess my lucky charm I bought is working! Bruce and Tim were the first to arrive…and the shenanigans commenced. Bruce hid up in my loft and began to make banging noises once Charles and Peter arrived. At first it was back ground noise until it became more noticeable and my guests started asking questions. I assured them that my neighbors do not make that much noise, and we did a bit of investigating around the room for the noise’s location. The noise would soften until we lost interest, then Bruce would start making a scratching noise. Once the group was thoroughly caught up in the new noise Bruce would make the biggest bang, at this point Peter climbed the latter to the loft and thus concluded the prank. We participated in this prank 2 more times once Tony and Clark arrived. All in all we had a lot of laughs and some really good memories. Generally I stay up for a bit to talk to friend and family but I try to be in bed by midnight.



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