Day Six: A Rainy Adventure

ImageToday our field trip was to Teramachi, literally temple city/town, but today it is known for its plethora of shops from traditional goods to pop culture they had it all, and in every price range. There are several temples along this covered shopping street but they are no longer the main attraction.


A used book store : 3



These are commemorative statues for young children/babies at a small temple I passed

As I was browsing the shops with my group I suddenly realized I had wandered away from them, and couldn’t find them…yikes…eventually I ran into a classmate so we stuck together for the rest of the field trip. We headed for a Japanese department store to browse the VERY expensive traditional Japanese goods for our home work assignment. Every thing was very elegant and rich, and we were not allowed to take photos.
My class mate and I walked to the nearest subway station to make our way home…I suppose I hadn’t mentioned that it had been pouring rain for hours…Between the two of us we were able to make it back home and we were home early to boot! I had time to nap, do my assigned reading, do the homework assignment AND hang out in Clark’s room with the group. I appreciated getting home at a reasonable time and I hope its not a one time occurrence.

Some things I have learned from being in Japan:
Every one is dressed to look their best, all the time
The subway train gets so crowded, and no one seems to mind
Vending machines supply with all your beverage needs, you can even buy alcohol
Its humid all the time…
Always take an umbrella even at the slightest chance it may rain
There are no garbage cans when you are outside
Subway systems are awesome
Food is relatively cheap and generally a healthy option unless you are buying sweets
Travel light


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