Day Five: Tenryuji and Arashiyama


Today we had our first lecture…three hours of lecture…and no eating in class allowed…I don’t know how I am going to do this every day. For lunch we went to a local franchise “Moss Burger”, their onion rings are so delicious!!

Our field trip for the day was to Arashiyama and Tenryuji.


This is the Temple of the Heavenly Dragon


We got to explore the Bamboo Forest which is actually more of a Bamboo Path, regardless it was breathtaking and indescribable when the wind made the bamboo clatter.


By the time i got back to the apartment it was already 8 pm, for dinner I had this delicious Japanese bento that I had bought at the convenience store, I honestly have no idea what it was but it was good and inexpensive.


After every field trip we are required to right a 1-2 page ‘journal’ entry for the next day. This was one of the most difficult things to do late at night when you just want to sleep, so our group got together to brainstorm in Clark’s room. I had a ‘bit’ of assistance in producing my journal entry, thank guys ❤
After that it was straight to bed.


2 responses to “Day Five: Tenryuji and Arashiyama

  • Wogrim

    So does it cost anything to visit these shrines or do they simply encourage you to donate?

    Thanks for the update!

    • taccorii

      Alot of shrines/temples charge a fee to enter the grounds, then you can donate how ever much you choose if any at all if you would like to call upon the spirits that inhabit that complex.

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