Day Two: Exploring

To start the day off I enjoyed a small breakfast in my hostel lobby for ¥200. Before heading out for the day we noticed “Life Guard Guy” across the street…


Later in the day we realized it was a mannequin…I’m not sure which is creepier….

Once the group assembled we decided to buy a one day pass for the transit; this provided unlimited use of most of the subway lines/local trains/buses and also gave us access to certain attractions free of charge with coupons for a discount into other attractions. The pass cost about $20, but we went to three attractions that were free to us but normally cost about $7 each and we used the transit all day, I feel it was worth what we paid.

We used the subway for my first time to go to the Pokemon center in a department store.


This was such an awesome store as my adolescent life revolved around Pokemon. I spent a descent amount of money here as did most of my group. We departed from here in search of an ATM, stopped for lunch at none other than McDonald’s and headed for the Osaka attractions. By this point it was raining…and I don’t mean Winnipeg raining…it was down pouring for almost 5 hours, you might be thinking “that’s not an issue for someone as prepared as you” …well I decided to leave my umbrella in the hostel…and I had the SLR with me. Tim insisted I use her umbrella, I decided to buy another one as she was wearing a white shirt and I didn’t want to bring dishonor to her family.

Our first stop was the Osaka Ceramics Exhibit. This was a neat little place to stay out of the rain while still enjoying Osaka. I didn’t know I was not allowed to take pictures when I had taken this.


On our way to the next attraction we stopped in at a little coffee shop beside the subway station where I went on my first ‘date’ in Japan. There are a total of six of us right now, this can make it hard to find tables together, and so Charles and I took a small table by a window and got to know each other. The rest of the group made fun of us and said it was a date, because of this Charles and I are on first name basis now, which in Japan is a big deal!

Our second stop was the giant Ferris wheel in the bay area, it is 112.5m high.


We wanted to wait until night time to ride the Ferris wheel so we split up and had individual time. I ended up browsing the many shops in the mall nearby where I bought a lot more souvenirs. The mall seemed to have a ninja theme.


We met in the food court where we had dinner, Tony and I ordered from a Japanese stand chosen only because he had a crush on the cashier who we later found out was only 16…regardless the food was really good, it even had seafood in it and only ¥350


The Ferris wheel its self was interesting…putting 6 ‘unique’ characters in a confined space high above Japan after some of the members had been drinking  is only asking for trouble : )
We had some time before the Floating Garden Observatory closed after getting off the Ferris wheel so  we hopped on another subway train. The view from the top is absolutely spectacular, Osaka goes on farther then you can see in each direction. This attraction is popular for couples, and boy was there a lot of couples.


By this point we were beat so we dragged ourselves and all our purchases back to the hostel. My first full day in Japan was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it, I still feel ill at times and I’m convinced I’m not drinking or sleeping enough.


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