Departure Day: Chasing the Sun

I met my travel group at the airport for 5 am. The first flight was to Vancouver, a pretty standard flight. We had a hefty layover but we passed the time exploring the international departure terminal which had a huge fish tank and we bought some lunch, we also met up with three others from our program. Our next flight was 10 hours to Tokyo. Tony generously switched seats with me which gave me a little bit more leg room, this flight had the same amount of space as regular domestic flights…


As we landed in Tokyo I watched the window with bated anticipation. What would my first glimpse of Japan be? Apparently it was 8 layers of cloud…one layer after another I held my breath for the image that would be forever in my mind, only to be greeted with more cloud. Then I saw it, an overcast parking lot of some sort filled with Japanese vehicles.

Again we had a decent layover, enough to start getting frustrated with waiting. This luckily gave us time to pass through Immigration and Customs, interestingly I was the only one to fill out the immigration and custom papers over that 10 hour span. This took a while and by the time we reached the baggage belt, someone had removed our bags as they were the last ones there. After that we had to make our way to the domestic flight terminal where we met up with a bunch of the students in our program and the professor, this last flight was delayed a bit by “congestion at Narita airport” at this point I was so tired I slept through the majority of the flight.
I’m not sure if it was because I was overly tired or what but these three flights didn’t cause me to have any anxiety about flying, which usually happens at take-off. Throughout the last two flights there was even a decent amount of turbulence and I was fine! The plane and I had a mutual understanding I suppose.

In Osaka Clark meet up with us and they recommended we take the airport limousine (equivalent to grey hound bus) to near our hostel. It cost 620 yen and took 10 mins then we had a 5 minute walk to the hostel and checked in. We are sharing a 4-bed room, it is incredibly humid and the AC is taking its time to kick in.



Tim and I showered then the group met up and we wandered the streets a bit to find a place to eat dinner. We ended up going to a vegetarian sushi standing bar, where we had difficulty finding meatless food, ironic?


I didn’t end up eating as I have been feeling ‘off’ since we arrived in Tokyo, it might be heat stroke, dehydration, lack of sleep or a combination of the three, I feel faint and dizzy at times. I bought this fizzy lemon drink that has 70 lemons worth of vitamin C. These vending machines are every where!



I’m drinking lots of water and we are turning in for the night.


8 responses to “Departure Day: Chasing the Sun

  • Wogrim

    Good to see you made it safely! Keep those fluids up! Japan looks entirely too hot for me!

    Hope you feel better.

  • Diane

    Glad to hear u made it safe and sound. Keep up with the fluids!!! Grandma thinks you sound homesick, lol.

  • Remy

    I miss you already, K-Star! Natalie and I had an adventure of our own today. (Which was basically me leading us onto the wrong bus by accident).

    I hope you feel better when you get up, and if not then soon.

    Be seeing you soon-ish.

  • Mom

    Omg!!! I was reading your blog to Boris on the way home and had to stop because I was literally sobbing when I read u were homesick. I told Boris he would have to read it himself i couldn’t continue. I couldn’t tell grandma I will get uncle to show her your posts when he is in town. It seems by your post today u r doing better? I guess the adrenaline goes down and everything hits u. The weather is getting better here and I am going to try golfing tonight so hopefully there will be no pain. I went to Mel’s clinic last visit….nice place she has there. Well I guess I should get back to work everyone here is good keep eating and not just carrots so u don’t get run down and start feeling crappy again. Oh yeah 82 more sleeps til Vegas!!!!! Hugs and kisses all our love Mom.

    • taccorii

      ❤ Love you too Mom! Dont worry, the home sickness has paced and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute (besides lecture) of my time here. I have made some amazing friends who have pulled me through. I look forward to each new adventure.
      I hope you are able to enjoy your golf trip!

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