To Early to Start Packing?


On June 13th I will be departing for Kyoto, Japan, for a study abroad summer program with the University of Winnipeg. The trip will take an estimated 19 hours and I will be traveling with 3 other students.

Today I went shopping for some of the items I will need on my adventure and it started to sink in, this trip is rapidly approaching. With just over 5 weeks until the departure there are many things to prepare…
-order Japan Rail Pass
-book hostel stays before/after the apartments in Kyoto are available
-research places to visit
-buy toiletries
-apply for Philippines visa (the adventure following Japan)
-brush up Japanese language skills
-convert currency
-did i mention packing yet?

I have a tendency to start packing way too soon for every trip, usually its only 2 weeks in advance so this is a new record! I started gathering items in a basket that I don’t want to forget. With 40 days in Japan followed by 36 days in the Philippines and only one suitcase this will be my biggest packing challenge to date.


4 responses to “To Early to Start Packing?

  • Geraldine Plas- Smith

    Hi Kristin;
    Wow how exciting …….
    I’m soooo excited for u
    You sound soooo organized too
    Wishing you a safe fabulous adventurous time and holiday take care and remember if u need some contacts Theresa has many and I have some too through our education foundation that we use to be a part of before the Canadian program got dissolved – just Quebec is going now
    Made many friends through volunteering and if there’s anything I can help u with we are hear for u always!!

    • taccori

      Thanks Geraldine!
      So far the plan is to spend a few days in Osaka, 4 weeks in Kyoto, 1 week in Tokyo, and visit all the cities we can in between!
      Most of the preparations are now complete, just one or two more hostel reservations!

  • Tannis Ankrom

    Your trip sounds very exciting and you will see such beauty in those 2 countries. For packing i roll all my items, like a sausage, you can get way more in a suitcase and things aren’t wrinkled. Enjoy your trip, keep in touch, be safe and contact us when you get back home.

    • taccori

      Thanks Tannis!
      I have had to roll my stuff on a few occasions too! I am going to try to keep you guys up to date through this blog, I will bring back lots of photos to share with you guys!

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